What’s Best for Weight Loss-Cardio or Weight Training?


What’s Best for Weight Loss-Cardio or Weight Training?

Cardio or Weight Training? Isn’t the question same like who came first – egg or hen ? Ok no more PJ’s !

Back to question – Cardio or Weight Training ? Unfortunately, there is no direct answer. The answer is subjective to one’s understanding of cardio and weight training and this gives me an opportunity to make you read the post 😀

What is Cardio?

treadmill weight loss

If you mean, walking on treadmill at snail’s pace for an hour is cardio, I have full sympathies with you. Yes you are burning calories but its not cardio.

Respiration is of two types – aerobic and anaerobic. Cardio also is of the same types. Aerobic cardio is burning calories by working out at a steady rate with normal or a little spiked heart rate. Anaerobic cardio is not completely possible since humans die without oxygen and extremely high heart rate. Anaerobic cardio in general refers to sprints or interval training. Check out the difference between aerobic and anaerobic here.

So, cardio by definition is a workout that elevates your heart rate during your workout. HIIT or sprints is a form of cardio. You may be in aerobic zone catching your breath one second and in another, running as if you have a dog behind :D. So actual or right way of cardio not only makes you burn calories but burn fat too. You will gain muscle also, which will increase your metabolism. Wonderful posts to get your interval concepts right here , here and here.

Now lets talk about Weight Training.

Does Weight Training makes a woman look masculine ?

Weight Loss-Cardio or Weight Training
Weight Loss-Cardio or Weight Training

Its extremely difficult for a woman to gain bulk and look like a man. It takes a lot, n I mean a lot of energy for the body to build muscle.  All good reasons why women should lift weights, read here.

Usually, when you lift weights, you will experience water retention. Don’t confuse bloating for bulk ! Increase laxatives/anti-inflammatory foods in such a situation.

Now back to question – Cardio or Weight Training?

The best way us to have a good training schedule that targets weight loss. You can check a one month workout plan here. A good training plan has the mix of weight training and cardio both.

The way I do it – 2 days weights, 2 days cardio and 1 day lazy walking(read strolling) ! My cardio mostly comprises of sprints for half an hour if I am short of time and go up to maximum of 45 minutes. When I started, I could not sprint for more than 5 minutes at a stretch. Don’t worry, its normal for your heart to pound crazily when you are sprinting. Slowly, your stamina will increase and so will your confidence to get the best results from your workouts !

You can also incorporate other forms of exercise like swimming , zumba, pilates, yoga etc in case you are bored of treadmill for cardio workout.

What is your take on cardio and weight training ? How have they benefited you ?

Share your experience with us !

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