When Life Sucks And You Feel Awful-3 Things To Do

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When Life Sucks And You Feel Awful-3 Things To Do

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Life isn’t rosy every day. Sometimes we do feel like sh** and just want to run somewhere. People who are more weird just like me, wish that the world ends soon, sigh! People sometimes complain life isn’t fair. I usually reply “well, life did not promise it would be fair”.

We have been blessed to have taken birth as humans unlike many others. We sometimes in our immaturity or despair, fail to see the brighter side of life. We fail to acknowledge that we are alive, that we have a Life. So what do you when When Life Sucks And You Feel Awful?

1. Take a break from your routine

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Sometimes we feel depressed for no reason as such. When I don’t step out of my apartment one whole day, by evening life seems like a burden and I feel the need to step out and get some fresh air. Break your routine and do something that you enjoy whether it is playing guitar, having a good meal at your favorite restaurant or cooking yourself a sumptuous dish. If you have been working too hard off late, in office or at home or elsewhere, take a break, could be for a day if not more. Have some “me time” and you will find world a better place: D

2. Forgive or forget

This doesn’t come easy but it is doable when you work towards it. Things that hurt you the most are not in control most of the times. So either you forgive the other person who may have hurt you or forget. Things that matter to you should be the ones you can control. Things that are not in your control and yet matter to you, take them in your stride and move on. Don’t hold them to your heart and feel miserable.

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3. Be grateful for what you have

It is extremely easy to talk about what all is messed up in your life, how you have struggled always, how other people are just born lucky, how only you get all the sufferings in the world, how others have hurt you and blaa blaa. In short, it’s easy to feel miserable and believe that grass is greener on the other side. Try to look at brighter side of life. There are underprivileged, poor, disabled, ailing – all kinds of people on this earth. You are one of the fortunate people to be here, be grateful to God for what you have. If you are reading this post, it means you have a comfortable lifestyle and have access to internet whereas people near you could be struggling to feed themselves every day. Common take a deep breath, listen to some nice music and remember your good old days. Are you smiling? If you are, have faith. This too shall pass!



Hope this post has been useful!

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