When Should You Snack?


When Should You Snack?

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Snacking seems to be the most exciting thing you do each day! Filling the belly seems to give us a lot of pleasure! Am I right? All of us snack so you can’t deny that and snacking is a part of a healthy diet when done thoughtfully. The matter of concern here is that what are the right hours of snacking and what should you snack on?

Here is a list of the hours at which you should snack:

Between meals

If you are keeping a gap of more than four hours between meals, you can make room for a healthy snack. You shouldn’t have a gap of more than four hours between your meals. If you happen to exceed four hours your body’s metabolism will get affected. It will slow down and your blood sugar will also drop. By the time you think of having your meal, you will become a voracious eater and it will become hard for you to make healthy choices. There would also be a risk of overeating. It would be wise to have a healthy snack when your meal times get delayed.

After an intense work out

You should have a snack after doing an intense workout that lasts for more than an hour. This is important because you have to recharge your energy stores with carbs and rebuild your muscles with protein. If your workout happens to be less than an hour long or less intense, you won’t be requiring an additional snack.

Before heading out


Going out for lunch/dinner? It would be better to have a snack just before leaving home. Why? If you are partially full when you reach the restaurant you won’t order unhealthy stuff and will most likely not overeat. You might also skip the appetizers served there that are loaded with calories. The purpose of the snack is just to prevent you from over-indulging at the restaurant. After all anyone can fall prey to the yummy dishes served out there. Many people start drooling when they read the menu card 😀

There one time of the day when you should not snack and here it is:


Snacking between breakfast and lunch isn’t such a good idea. A recent study was done and it was found that morning snackers lost four percent less weight than those who skipped the mid morning snack. If you have a filling breakfast that includes crabs, protein, healthy fat, a fruit or veggie, you need not have a mid morning snack at all. You king size breakfast will keep you full for a good 4 hours and by that time it will be lunch time.

And…here is a tiny list of healthy snacks (for weight loss) to choose from

Fresh fruits– There is nothing as healthy as a bowl of fresh fruits!

Roasted walnuts, almonds and peanutsMunching on nuts is always a good idea. They provide you with essential minerals and nutrients. You need not prepare anything for this snack. It is healthy and tasty too.

Smoothie– You can make yummy and colourful smoothies with berries. Be it raspberry or strawberry, smoothies have a lot of goodness in them. If you are a fan of green smoothies you can happily enjoy them too!

smoothie prevent weight gain

Deviled eggs– This one is for the egg lovers. Making deviled eggs is easy. Find the recipe is here.

Green chips– Like munching on chips? Instead of potato chips you can enjoy green chips. Find the recipe is here.

Paneer or cheese– When you are on a low carb diet, a slice of cheese or a piece of lightly roasted paneer is always a welcome snack. It will keep you filled and is yummy at the same time too. Be careful not to overeat. A snack is a snack and it should not be eaten as a meal 😛

Have you planned when should you snack?

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