Where Does The Fat Go When You Shed Weight?


Do You Know Where Does The Fat Go When You Shed Weight?

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It is beyond doubt that most people have weight woes and they would be only too happy to see all the fat disappear from their body! But one thing is usually overlooked –  where does all the fat go? Does it get excreted, do we sweat it out or is it converted to raw energy? Going back to what we learned in school, matter can neither be created nor destroyed. So, where does the fat vanish after weight loss?

The truth behind fat loss is quite logical and straightforward. Hang on in there to know more!

Where Does The Fat Go When You Shed Weight?

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Fat loss and the misconceptions

It may seem surprising but most weight loss experts and dieticians have some ridiculous theories about fat loss that are too far-fetched. Such theories only spread misconceptions.

There are people who mistakenly assume that fat lost by them when they work out gets converted into muscle and then there are others who claim that fat is excreted from the body in the form of stools. The truth is that this can only happen if you have fat malabsorption! There some other folks who think that fat cells get shrunk when you exercise but there is no solid explanation for that! There are other experts who say that fat gets converted to heat or energy.

The truth is that there is a biochemical reaction behind your fat loss.

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Science behind fat burning

Some serious research has been conducted by scientists to unveil the mystery behind fat loss in light of all the confusion. You must have heard the term ‘burning off fat’ but what you would not have realized is that in one way fat is actually getting burnt off. And all the credit goes to biochemistry!

Most of the fat in the body is made up of specific molecules known as triglycerides. Upon getting metabolized, these fat molecules get involved in a biochemical reaction and get converted into two most common substances – carbon dioxide and water when you work out. Simple!

The chemistry part of it

Popular knowledge says that carbon dioxide is a very common gas in the atmosphere. After all, it comes out of you when you exhale each time. Now, 84% of your fat ends up being carbon dioxide and the remaining 16% gets converted to water. The water produced gets eliminated from the body through sweat, urine, tears and other body fluids.

Here are more reasons for you to start shedding all the fat as fat burning is giving out carbon dioxide to help plants make their food during photosynthesis. 😉

Also, if you fail to lose it all, you can say that you are environment friendly and by reducing emission of carbon dioxide you are stopping climate change 😛

On a serious note, fat loss is no magic. It is a biochemical reaction. Hope you are happy to finally know where all the fat disappears when you lose weight.

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