Which Is Better – Fruit or Fruit Juice?


Many a times , a lot of beautiful ladies have mentioned drinking Fruit Juice considering it is better than soft drinks and alcohol. Sure , why not ? But the point here is what kind of Fruit Juice – Packaged or Fresh ?

Let’s talk about Packaged Juice first. Packaged Juice may be juices with added sugar or without sugar. Real and Tropicana are famous packaged fruit juice loaded with sugar(read enemy of health). Real active does not contain sugar.

Which Is Better - Fruit or Fruit Juice

Don’t go on Miss Basu’s svelte figure, apni akal lagaao 😛 ! Packaged juice is bad , whether with sugar or without sugar. Why ? Read this news –

This announcement came a couple of days after 21st Century Business Herald, a Chinese newspaper, published an in-depth exposé implicating three of China’s biggest juice-makers for buying rancid or premature fruit and processing it into juice or juice concentrate. A disappointing harvest this year caused a scarcity of fruit for juice, as “good” fruit went to the fruit retail market.

If this can happen in China, do you think India would be better ? Chances are that your juice is prepared from spoilt fruits. Let’s talk about Fresh Fruit Juice now.

The question arises Which Is Better – Fruit or Fruit Juice?


Which Is Better - Fruit or Fruit Juice for weightloss

Fruits contain dietary fiber, which adds bulk to the stool. Fiber is either low or absent in Fruit Juice. While preparing juice, fiber is lost. Why ? This is because the fruit skin and majority of fruit pulp are thrown out when juice is prepared.

The fruit skin provides nourishment to body and lowers the risk of cancer. Fruit pulp contains many vital nutrients which are destroyed while juicing. For instance, orange pulp contains vitamin C, most of which is lost when pulp is removed.

Fruit juice can elevate blood sugar more quickly and also cause gastric problems.

No matter how fruit juice is prepared, the nutrients reach you fully only through the whole fruit!

Happy Eating Fruits 🙂 !

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  1. i have been trying to convince so many ppl about this. I prefer giving my 10 mo daughter fruits (stewed or mashed) rather than juice – but so many ppl from the family raise their eyebrows!!

  2. Very good article. Easy to follow when you are at home, but when out and especially at parties and functions, better to opt for juice than colas.

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