Which is the Best Oil for Cooking


Which Oil to Use for Cooking – This question has been asked on various articles on the blog. I have been researching about the best cooking oil and I could not settle for one oil. The reason is that every oil has certain nutritional value which is unique. Our body needs all kinds of nutrients.

Some people believe that more oil in the dish makes it tastier. Not True. Add only what is required to cook properly. Over cooking also destroys nutrients of the food.

Let’s see what options we have for cooking oil –

which is the best oil for cooking

Desi Ghee

Most nutritious and your partner in Weight Loss. Read about Desi Ghee here.

Homemade White Butter

Excellent in nutrition and taste :P. I like butter on paranthas. It’s good for Weight Loss.

Olive Oil

No doubt, Olive Oil is good for health. But it is not to be used to cooking since it turns rancid at higher temperature. Olive oils can be used to toss your salads, marinate chicken or gobhi etc. Some people find its smell to be peculiar and taste which may be bother some.

Rice Bran Oil

This oil is extracted from the brown layer of rice which is removed for production of white rice. Rice Bran oil is rich  in MUFA and anti oxidants. It has a high smoking point  which means that it does not break down to toxic substances. So, using rice bran oil for deep frying  is a safe bet.

Mustard Oil

This oil comprises has fatty acids, oleic acid, linoleic acid and uric acid.  People who have issues of high uric acid should skip mustard oil. The smell of mustard oil is awful :P. I generally use mustard oil for making veggies which taste best when cooked crispy like Bhindi or Bharta. Yummm 🙂

Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is also called gingerly oil. It is generally used for making pickles and sauces. Sesame seeds are rich in Zinc which is very good for skin. Massage oils also contain sesame oil.

Coconut Oil

I won’t be exaggerating if I say Coconut oil is the healthiest oil for cooking. It has a unique composition of fatty acids that are 90% saturated.

Coconut oil can be safely used at ion at high heats and thus can be used for frying. South Indian folks are coconut oil lovers. They use it for cooking and for hair;women there have long hair. Coconut oil heals to lose weight. I will do a post on the qualities of coconut oil soon.

The best idea is to use different oil for different purposes or changing oil in a few days.

What is your staple cooking oil ? Do let us know !

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  1. I am surprised you have not talked about canola oil – most docs are suggesting this especially for indian cooking as it does not turn rancid in high temperature, yet is good for the heart.

    • Yuvika, i am somehow not convinced. Canola oil goes through caustic refining, bleaching and degumming. All of which involve high temperatures or chemicals. N it does turn rancid.

      Need to research more.

  2. May be you can put yur views on it …

    I keep changing my oil….i was alternating between olive and sesame but i would really love to involve coconut oil in my food which i completely hate by the way.

  3. what about sunflower oil and peanut oil? i use oilve oil for salads but for heavy south indian coking i use sun flower and peanut oil, plz discuss about these oils also, i want to know whether they are healthy are not

  4. What about gingerly oil (south indians use it a lot)…. also am using olive pomace oil…. is it as good as olive oil…. am using it becoz I read in one of the olive oil ads that its the best suited variant of olive oil for indian cooking….

    Please help…. and Tarun thanx for keeping yr word….

    • Dee, sesame oil is gingerly oil. I will discuss about the rest of oils soon. You can always email me if you need to know about smething, i try to remember the queries mostly but just in case. M happy I cud help. Thanks for visiting blog often

  5. like shweta said, i can only eat banana chips fried in coconut oil , nothing else, cant tolerate taste of coconut oil, i used fortune rice bran oil, n i hate its smell, its awful, it does not taste good, nor bad, but i noticed 1 thing within 2 weeks i cudnt tolerate the taste of rice bran oil anymore, i would go for desi ghee and mustard oil anyday. i dont mind the smell of mustard oil at all. i didnt like olive oil while making indian dishes, and gravies , chinese mein i had used as i had no sesame oil, i was ok ok wid it. didnt much like it.

  6. after u post i bought organic, cold pressed, usda approved coconut oil, at first i am not willing to buy only, now i bght, and after using i need to say there is no diff in coconut oil cooked and sunflower oil cooked one, i used in making daal, curries, no worries at all, thanks gal

  7. y i bght is, my hubby given me idea to use coconut oil in the curries where v add coconut powder ( actually i add cocont powder/coconut paste in many curries), so it wont taste diff, idea worked out well, now iam using in many curries

  8. iam using all oils described here according to recipes described by u, except rice bran i cant get here in u.s, if any 1 knows plz tel me 🙁

  9. i liked this post… i used rice bran with sunflower mix oil the red pack of sundrop.
    and OLIVE OIL is my favorite… 🙂
    mustard- I use occasionally for bharta and only bartas.. 🙂
    coconut oil- doubtful, if i can use everyday basis. once in a while is okay with me though.
    I rather use coconut milk sometimes.
    you shd talk about groundnut oil, sunflower oil, gingerly oil, soyabean oi, canola oil too Tarun Preet.

  10. hello everybody, i am habituated to sunflower oil. I tasted with other oils too, if not all & coconut oil surely. I felt some difference if it is right or not but i love to use very little oil, cause sometimes they make me so heavy, if anybody have felt or not but i love just light oil. You know what i mean. Anybody or Tarun preet, can you help me to choose light and essential oil please. I became vegan and take light diets with high proteins but not heavy lol. Any advice thank-you 🙂

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