Whole30 Weight Loss Program Review-Does It Work?


Whole30 Weight Loss Program Review

Whole30- weight loss program

Recently Whole 30 weight loss program caught my attention while looking for new diet programs making rounds in the market. I really liked the way this program stresses on real foods for overall health…well nothing new in that but it is the crux of all that I believe in as a dieter and new healthy diet seeker.

There are so many food groups which we insist have a negative impact on our health and fitness. Certain foods squeeze out our energy, cause pains and hinder weight loss. If you have been suffering from health issues like allergies, IBS and despite of medications had not been able to resolve them then chances are that your so called healthy grains are affecting you in a negative way and when I say this, believe me I speak with my experience. Now, what should be done to check all these unexplained miseries? Do what I did…for a whole month just cut out all the grains and processed as well as insulin spiking foods. Let your body recover from the effects of troublesome foods. Just give it a thought; how the foods you’ve been eating regularly are affecting you on a daily basis. You will soon be able to find out the culprit.

What is Whole30 Weight Loss Program?

There are certain key points of the Whole30 program.

Eat real food

Eat foods like meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit and good fats. Remember whatever you eat must be natural and unprocessed.

Whole30 no list

Say no to any kind of added sugars

No, not even natural sweeteners like maple syrup, honey, agave nectar or artificial ones like Splenda, Equal, Nutrasweet, xylitol, stevia are allowed.

No shakes, bars or alcohol allowed

This Whole30 program doesn’t allow any protein shakes, pre-packaged snacks/meals, protein bars also.

You have to learn to say a big NO to alcohol, in any form.

Stop eating grains and legumes

Grains of all types like wheat, rye, barley, millet, oats, corn, rice, sprouted grains and even gluten-free ones like quinoa are not allowed in Whole30 program.

When they tell you not to eat legumes, they mean beans, peas, lentils, and peanuts or even peanut butter. Not only these but all forms of soy like soy sauce, miso, tofu etc each and everything.

Dairy also is a big No-No

This includes all kinds of milk, cream, butter, cheese, yogurt, whey, ice cream, etc. anytrhing and everything related to dairy.

Absolute NO to weighing scale during the Whole30 program

Whole30 is not about weight loss but about how to focus only on the benefits of real foods for lifelong good health and identification of innocent looking foods that are harming your body. It is about taking a month long break to love yourself.

A few amendments

Those who followed Whole30 weight loss program experimented a bit and realised that a few concessions with foods like fruits as sweeteners, packaged meats as well as vegetables in moderation didn’t really impact the results of Whole30 program in a big way. But the rider here is that you must read the lables and establish that the products have no added ingredients.

Try at home

If you are looking to change your eating habits then Whole30 program is a good way to do that. It’s simple, actually… just follow these steps.

  • Count and mark thirty days on your calendar.
  • Go to your local farmer’s market or grocer and stock up on things you’ll be eating for a week. All sorts of vegetables, fish, chicken and a bit of fresh fruits to begin with.
  • Once these two steps over you are good to go. For the next Whole30 days, you have to focus on making good food choices and eat fresh.
  • Since you eat mostly vegetables which are not that calorie dense so you ned not count calories or carbohydrates.

So for the next 30 days just eat, eat and eat all good healthy whole food.

Will Whole30 weight loss program help?

Whole30 program is 100% successful in weight loss, controlling cravings and developing good eating habits with solving health problems but the only way for that is if you give it the full thirty days. That means no cheat meals, no licking or tasting a spoon of cake or a coconut or chocolate cookie. Since this Whole 30 is not only a weight loss program but also a healing program so you cannot afford to break that healing cycle. As they say that just a dash of milk in coffee or one bite of a friend’s pizza during the 30 day period is potent enough to “reset” that complete process of healing. It is either full or nothing if you seek to get results. Difficult! yes it is a bit but then you are going to get everything for a whole lifetime in these 30 days time period.

Are you going to try Whole30 Weight Loss Program?

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