Why And How Should Skinny People Exercise?


Why And How Should Skinny People Exercise

skinny people exercise

Why and how should skinny people exercise?

If you are skinny and reading this then you must have thought someday that “exercise is only for fat people”. If you do not have excess baggage on your body then exercise is naturally a second priority for you. However if you read the statistics of heart attacks, hypertension and high cholesterol sufferers then you will realize that almost 30% of people who suffer from above mentioned ailments are skinny. Exercise is not merely for losing weight but for the below mentioned reasons too.

Increase your immunity

skinny people exercise

People who work out regularly whether fat or skinny are less likely to fall sick and this is a scientifically proven fact. Exercise makes your body resistance capacity go up and you will soon notice yourself falling sick less often. Common cold, flu, skin infections and influenza all happen frequently to people who do not exercise often and so have a weakened first line of defense. Exercise stimulates the anti bacterial properties of your skin and stimulates the white blood cells to fight infections harder. In the long run you will also be more recurred against major health issues cardiac problems and diabetes.

Becoming stronger and healthier

Just because you are skinny doesn’t mean you are healthy. If you feel yourself becoming tired after every small task like running up the stairs or lifting stuff then it’s obvious that you suffer from low stamina. Exercising regularly will give your body more strength and stamina for tackling the challenges of daily life without getting exhausted in the process.

You will also enjoy a sound sleep at night because of the relaxing effect of exercise. Consequently your alertness and activity level at daytime will increase.

Fighting off anxiety and stress

de-stress-and weight loss

Stress is aptly termed as the modern killer as it contributes to diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, depression and anxiety. Mental and physical performance declines and you are unable to enjoy a proper quality of life. Medical evidence shows that stress has no relation to how fat or how skinny you are and is entirely a lifestyle related problem.

The good news is that you can control the level of stress in your life by exercising regularly. Continued physical exercise makes the brain release certain hormones that fight stress and depression.

3 ways for exercising and staying fit

Skinny people need to understand their body type and know which kind of exercises will benefit them the most. Weight lifts or strength training exercises are recommended for skinny people as this will help them pump up their muscles and achieve a toned sexy look. A whole body intense weight lift routine will have to be done at least 4 days a week if you want to achieve a muscular look.

skinny people exercise weight lift

If you work out at the gym regularly then do squat presses, push presses and dead lifts as they will put pressure on your chest and back muscles.

Make sure you avoid cardio at is meant for people who are heavily built people who want to shed weight.

If you are skinny then you know now why and how should skinny people exercise?

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