Why Bath after Meal Is A Bad idea?


Why Bath after Meal Is A Bad idea? 

bath after mealThis post was shouting to happen! Well, I have a very bad habit of procrastinating things, except eating of course :p So generally having a bath is just another pain in life for me and I push the task for as long as I can and generally end up doing it after me lunch! Yea, imagine since 8 am to 2 pm that’s how lazy I get sometimes. But the only nagging I get after this is my grandma saying how bad it is to bathe after meals! But yesterday I decided to ask her for once “Why? What’s wrong in having a bath after my meal?” Pat came the reply, “Your food will not digest properly girl”

Dwelling a little deeper, this is how it happens, when you eat your meal, all the blood in your body rushes to your stomach to help the food to be digested properly and assimilate it. Now let’s take an ayurvedic approach here, the Ayurveda says that the human body works as per the Sun, meaning, your metabolism starts when the Sun rises, is at its peak when the sun is at its peak and rests when the sun goes down, hence goes the saying have breakfast like a king, dinner as a pauper. This is how our body is synch with nature, but erratic working hours and stress has led to us to be unsynchronized. By the time we get up, our metabolism is already half down. Coming back to Ayurveda, the thing that we call as metabolism is called as Agni in Ayurveda, thus when we eat our meal this Agni in our body is said to be burning high and thus digest food. But when we have a bath after a meal, the Agni is doused (like how water douses out fire) and thus the food is not digested properly. Having a bath after a meal is a crime in Ayurveda!

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Now for the people who are firm science believers, the same logic is applied scientifically, when we have food the blood rushes to our stomach and begins the process of digestion. But when we have a bath the veins in our body contract and the blood flow reduces over to the stomach. Some studies also reveal you may suffer from dyspepsia, if you have food before bath; though the cases are rare.

Since we are already on the topic of after meal blunders with water, let me tell you about another mistake that we unknowingly make, we generally drink cold water after a meal. The cold water causes the fats in the food to solidify and when it processes into the intestine the body is not able to absorb it and it gets accumulated in the intestine making it narrow and thus lead to obesity!

bathing after meal

These are small changes that we need to make to embrace a happy and healthy tummy. If you really can’t have a bath before your meal or like me procrastinate a lot, then take your bath after an hour, by that time the Agni in the body cools down.

This is Pooja, be healthy and help your body cope up! Ciao!

Do you agree that taking bath after meal is a bad idea?

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