Why Being Social Is Essential For Emotional Health?


Why Being Social Is Essential For Emotional Health?

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What difference in culture do you feel from your grandma’s time to the present day? ‘Independence’-that’s the word. Many people today have moved out of their homes and found an abode far away from their parent’s land. In the olden days families used to stay together. Many of my friends have chosen to fly West for better prospects in life.

Nope, I am not talking about brain-drain. I am focussing on the so called independent and fast paced life we are living these days. Milk can be ordered online, your email will send you loads of mails, your washing machine finishes off your laundry part. Back in the day, you had a milkman who smiled at you when you opened the door early in the morning; you met your postman and had a casual chat with your dhobi. But it seems as though these people have disappeared from the scene.

It is great to move ahead with the times but saying hello to machines and technology is just not done. You need humans around you to make you feel good. Human beings are the ones who have emotions and feelings, one human can judge what is going in another humans mind just by looking at the face. Can machines do that?

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You see, man is a social animal. We are designed in such a way that we need a family or at least a couple of near and dear ones who can help us when we are emotionally down, sick or just upset. You need a shoulder to cry upon when catastrophe strikes and the laptop screen is just not the right thing :P. It is not wrong to work towards achieving your dreams in life, it is actually great to be ambitious but in the hurry of making your dreams come true, don’t forget the fact that you are missing out the tiny moments of happiness. You are in search of that one bumper happiness that means the world to you but do you know that happiness actually lies in the little moments.

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People are treating life as a race but they have got it all wrong. Life is never race but a journey. No two people have the same journey in life. There is no starting point of finishing point, yes you need to accomplish a lot in life but you need not compete with anyone for that. People come into your lives to make that journey more beautiful and enjoyable. It is like walking on a path and letting other people walk along with you. You need not worry about that fact that there are some people walking ahead of you or some walking behind you. You just have to walk the path at your own speed, stopping every now and then to enjoy the beauty of the journey.

Make friends, socialize but be sure to have the right kind of company. Spend every weekend with your loved ones and enjoy what life has to offer you. Your work life has to be taken kind of seriously but don’t forget to have fun with your work buddies. After all those memories are for a lifetime! Click pics, have fun and live life the way I should be lived.

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