Why Boosting Immunity Is Important To Survive Covid-19!


Why Boosting Immunity Is Important To Survive Covid-19!


Can Covid-19 be fought by boosting immunity?

Well, this is the question that comes across our minds every now and then. The reason is that there are no vaccines or medications to the virus that heal it completely, so it’s better to boost yourself in order to tackle it.

It is seen all over the internet that immunity can be strengthened by the consumption of Vitamin C and Vitamin D, but is that true? This question is difficult to answer because the immune system is a delicate one with different components. So this makes this a challenging situation. Also, we cannot be sure that one thing that might fight against any virus shall work against coronavirus too. Thus, we cannot be sure. The people with diabetes and high blood pressure are even more prone to the virus so they should take every precautionary step. It is also observed that you might be affected by this virus without any symptoms. In order to deal with that, you should practice social distancing and proper hygiene should be maintained.

Immune system and Low carbs

boosting immunity is important to survive Covid-19

Low carb diets are known for health benefits, but right now in the present day scenario, we need to focus on a diet pattern that shall cater to all sorts of nutritional benefits keeping in check the blood pressure and sugar levels. It is not clinically proven that low carb diets boost the immune system.

Let’s focus on some tips to know Why Boosting Immunity Is Important To Survive Covid-19!

Lifestyle habits and immunity during Covid-19

Starting with the most basic ones, the following should be generally practiced to lead a healthy lifestyle. They are the habits that should be inculcated in the individuals otherwise too and at this time of crisis, they’ll prove to be the jackpot.

Practise Handwashing:

One must wash the hands for at least 20 seconds with soap or a hand sanitizer can be used which has above 60% alcohol.

Quit Smoking:

The people who are into smoking regularly are the ones at more risk of catching the virus and attracting complications. Otherwise too, there shouldn’t be any reason well enough to smoke.

Adequate sleep:

Sleep for sufficient hours a day is essential for the normal functioning of the body too plus it helps to boost the immune system because when the body is getting sufficient rest, it tends to work better.


Observations show that the people who are into exercise daily are lesser prone to catching infections than the ones who don’t. However, now when we are locked inside our respective houses, this isn’t the time to start an extensive workout, but a normal routine can be followed.

Stress Management:

This is one of the most important things that need to be managed. The reason behind this is that chronic stressors are known to hamper the immune system. Things like stocking enough toilet paper aren’t the need of the hour. Although it is difficult to make the stress situations disappear they should be definitely dealt with more maturity.

Reduce Alcohol consumption:

Why Boosting Immunity Is Important To Survive Covid-19!

Alcohol is considered as a stress buster for most of the people. Studies have shown that heavy consumption of alcohol can make the person easier to fall into the trap of infections. Heavy drinkers are at risk of acute respiratory distress disease, which also happens to be the lung complication responsible for COVID-19 related deaths.

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