Why Boron Is Essential For Good Health?


Why Boron Is Essential For Good Health?

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Boron is an element needed in trace amounts. It is way more than just a mineral. It has a role in several life processes making it a mineral that is critical to our health. Let us explore this mineral a little more!

It is good for bone health

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The most well recognized role of boron in the human body is the contribution towards promotion and maintenance of good bone mineralization. The basic need for any anti-aging program is healthy bones as weak bones can result in terrible bone fractures. One study was done on postmenopausal women who were not on estrogen therapy. They were asked to take boron supplements and it was found that they had less loss of calcium and magnesium.

It has been found that the partnership of boron, vitamin D, calcium and magnesium in the right amounts can help maintain healthy bones. Dietary boron has an effect similar to the supplementation with the hormone estrogen.

In nations of the world where boron intake is 1mg or less in a day, arthritis incidence is between 20 percent and 70 percent. In countries where the intake is between 3 and 10 mg per day, arthritis incidence is 0-10%. Australian research demonstrated that areas having high levels of boron in the water and soil has 50 percent lesser cases of musculoskeletal disease when compared to regions having a lower concentration of boron in the water and soil.

In one study it was found that 50% of the osteoarthritis patients who were given a 6 mg supplement of boron each day had less pain from movement.

Boron reduces risk of prostate cancer

Boron has been found to be promising in the case of prostate cancer too. In a study men who ingested the most boron were 64% less likely to develop prostate cancer than those who consumed the least amount of boron. Boron compounds are known to inhibit the activity of prostate cancer causing substances.

Link between boron and cognitive function

In a study, participants on a low boron diet performed badly in tests of manual dexterity, hand to eye coordination, perception, attention, short and long term memory. On the other hand, those on a high boron diet performed better. Lack of sufficient boron can contribute to lack of energy, lack of ability to stay mentally alert and focused on tasks.

Getting dietary boron

Boron rich foods

Since the year 1923 boron has been recognized as an essential plant nutrient. The deficiency of boron is the common trace mineral deficiency in plants. The concentration of boron in the food depends on the availability of boron in the soil on which the food the food was grown. Boron being water soluble gets easily leached from the soil and isn’t widely replaced. This is why foods are often grown on soils that have lesser levels of Boron. The foods have lower levels of boron and humans who consume these foods will have inadequate boron levels.

Boron is found in adequate amounts in veggies, fruits and nuts. Some of the good sources are apple, soy, grapes, celery, tomato, almonds, broccoli, wines, honey and banana. In the United States the boron intake is between 0.5 mg to 3 mg with 1 mg as the average intake.

So, that was a glimpse at the health benefits and food sources of boron!

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