Why Canola Oil Is Not Healthy


Why Canola Oil Is Not Healthy

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In our perpetual search for the best oil for our health we trust almost nobody. There are some oils that are both hype and a hoax. Heard of Canola oil? Well, I never did but this is an emerging trend and I want to share my newly found knowledge with all of you. Let me tell you today why Canola oil is not healthy.

What is Canola Oil?

You know that Olive Oil comes from olives, and that Sesame Seed Oil comes from sesame seeds. So does Canola Oil comes from Canola Seeds? Well, there’s actually no such thing called Canola Seeds. ‘Canola’ stands for “Canadian oil low acid”, and is a genetically modified product. Canola Oil is produced from the rapeseed plant, which is a part of the mustard family. And my friends you all know that genetically modified (GMOs) products aren’t considered to be good for our health.

Moreover, it’s a cheap product to manufacture, and many processed or packaged foods contain canola oil. So you should be reading labels before you buy processed stuff from the supermarket shelves.

It is being marketed in India with all goody-goody benefits that are as follows:

Why Canola Oil Is Not Healthy1

  • contains low saturated fat,
  •  high MUFA,
  • high Omega-3, balanced Omega-6 to Omega-3,
  •  zero Trans fats. This oil offers a good combination of fats.
  •  a standard vegetable oil.
  • Oil is light and neutral in taste and flavor.
  • This can be used for all types of Indian cooking.
  •  It doesn’t have any distinctive taste or smell.

Poor consumers tend to fall for the marketing gimmicks and end up stocking canola oil in their kitchen shelves. This reminds me of how margarine was marketed as being a healthier option to butter. Today we know what is true, read it here.

All said and done, yes it does have its benefits but let me show you the ugly side of it too. (which is my duty)

Why Canola Oil Is Not Healthy ?

  • By 2009, 90% of the Canadian crop was genetically engineered and as of 2005, 87% of canola grown in the United States was genetically modified.
  • Processing actually changes the oil’s structure causing it to become hydrogenated oil. It has trans fatty acids.
  • It works well as an industrial oil, not a food, and has been used in candles, soaps, lipsticks, lubricants, inks and bio-fuels. Just think how on Earth can you consume it?

Why Canola Oil Is Not Healthy

What it can do to you? Due to the way it is processed and it being genetically modified it can harm you in the following manner:

  • It can cause blood platelet abnormalities
  • It retards normal growth (it is illegal in infant formulas)
  • It can cause free radical damage
  • Higher cancer risks due to the hydrogenation process
  • It is linked to heart disease (Due to high levels of erucic acid)
  • It can cause bowel inflammation and weight gain (omg girls this is not good) due to the processing techniques of the oil.

It is always better go in for cold pressed oils than the ones that are commercially processed. Cold pressed oils are comparatively expensive but are healthy. Cold pressed oils retain all of their flavor, aroma, and nutritional value. Oils that are obtained through cold pressing include olive, peanut and sunflower.

So, choose your oil wisely and please read labels.

Stay healthy and stay fit!!

Which oil do you use for cooking ? Share with us!