Why Carb Free Dinner Is Important For Weight Loss?


Why Carb Free Dinner Is Important For Weight Loss?

Hi Everyone,

Recently I had a discussion with a very experienced nutritionist. We got into a debate about low carb, low calorie and balanced lifestyle. She advocated healthy carbohydrates, eating everything in moderation and a balanced lifestyle. She believed that low carbing is a hoax and of course I defended it with my life lol.

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Eventually when we were tired of arguing, I asked her – “so what are the best dinner options that you recommend to your clients?” I always feel short of dinner options that don’t put my day’s hard work to vain, so I thought she could help. Instead of giving dinner options, she elaborated on a few things. Let me put the conversation in her words –

“We all know that breakfast should be the heaviest meal and dinner the lightest. There is a famous saying – Eat Breakfast Like a King, Lunch Like a Prince, and Dinner Like a Pauper. But our lifestyle has messed up with time. We all rush to office, or dropping kids to school or some other important task that hinders us from having a hearty and peaceful breakfast. Dinner is the time when the entire family eats together and sadly it becomes the heaviest meal. When I tell my clients to control dinner, they argue that this is the only meal they enjoy. Therefore, while planning the diet chart for such people who don’t want to compromise on dinner, I ensure that their breakfast and lunch have enough fiber and have moderate calories. I ask them to eat a lot of salad, daal or sabzi(not potato of course) , one bran roti or multi flour roti and 4 tablespoons of curd”. I tell them to finish their dinner maximum by 8pm”

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Well, I told her I won’t shed a gram with this kind of dinner, might gain a bit 😛 . She spilled the beans finally – “You know what Tarun, you will lose a lot of weight if you go grain free for dinner”! Bingo, I hit a jackpot.

Let me explain why the nutritionist suggested to go grain free! Carbs are the main source of energy and you don’t need so much energy at night when you are about to sleep, do you? But that does not stop you from eating a full fledged meal. What happens to excess carbohydrates from grains that you eat? It converts into fat and gets stored under your skin. As it is metabolism is usually at the rock bottom during night.

When you go grain free for dinner and eat only vegetables, salads, soups – which are essentially fiber and protein, they can’t be stored as fat. Your blood sugar level remains in control and so does insulin due to no/low carbs.

In short, no matter what diet you follow, do eat low carb for dinner if you wish to lose weight, maintain weight or want to lead a healthy long life!



P.S – Nothing is carb free except air. Some people can get fat just by breathing grhhhhh&*&*^&^&

Agree that carb free dinner is essential for weight loss?

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