8 Incredible Reasons Why Carnitine Is Good For You!


8 Incredible Reasons Why Carnitine Is Good For You!

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Consumption of carnitine supplement along with omega-3 fish oil is one of the easiest ways of losing fat and raising the levels of your energy. The best thing about carnitine is that by increasing the amount of carnitine stored in your muscles, you will be able to see a whole lot of improvements in you. Fat loss and more amount of energy are the two benefits of consuming carnitine but there is a lot more it can offer you:

  • Improved high-intensity work capacity
  • Increase in athletic performance
  • Speeding up of recovery from intense workout
  • Making your brain work better
  • Prevents oxidative stress that causes several diseases

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According to a study, carnitine supplementation can help improve the athletic performance. This indeed is path breaking as researchers have been facing trouble in proving this for years.

Let us discuss more about this supplement carnitine.

Carnitine is an amino acid composite. It is present in different forms but here we will talk about the form L-carnitine tartrate that will be simply referred to as carnitine.

1) It is a fat burner

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Carnitine burns fat as it is responsible for transporting fats into cells so that it can be used up for energy. When you raise the level of cartnine in your muscles, you support the process of burning fat and as your body becomes efficient in processing fuel, it will increase the levels of your energy.

2) For fat loss pair carnitine and omega-3 fish oil

To make carnitine effective, ensure that you have adequate amounts of omega 3 fatty acids. Your body’s cells are made out of two layers of lipids(fats) that are either healthy fat or unhealthy fat. Depending on what fat you are consuming. Cell layers made out of omega-3 fats will keep the cell healthy and more sensitive to insulin. It makes your body get max energy production out of carnitine.

Omega 3 increases metabolism by burning fat. Carnitine is like a delivery system for fatty acids. The less carnitine you have in your body, fewer fatty acids will get into the cell which means that you don’t burn them for energy. The fatty acids get stored as fat. By increasing carnitine you increase the process of fat burning.

3) No need of carbs when omega-3 is combined with carnitine

Fish Oil Capsules for weight loss

According to a new study, carnitine consumption with carbs is effective in elevating muscle carnitine levels and in improving athletic performance. But carbs are not important when you get enough omega 3 fatty acids. In a study it was found that combining carnitine, omega 3 and polyphenols resulted in better cellular energy production and lower levels of blood lipid.

4) Carnitine fights visceral belly fat

Visceral belly fat is a tough one to lose. Visceral belly fat leads to fat gain within organs like the liver and the heart. It can be dangerous. By raising the carnitine levels you can fight visceral fat gain as it is known to increase the burning of fat.

5) Carnitine improves performance and work capacity

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It has been found that carnitine once elevated in the body, there is better use of energy and better performance.

Another benefit of carnitine supplementation is the ability to have a greater work capacity. You can lift more weight, do more reps and run faster with more ease. This is because of carnitine levels in the muscles that help reduce pain and muscle damage.

6) Carnitine enhances recovery

Carnitine needs to be consumed for both short term and long term recovery from intensive training. You will have less pain, muscle soreness and will feel more energized.

7) Carnitine helps prevent type 2 diabetes and improves insulin health

The supplement carnitine prevents diabetes (type 2) because of its ability to improve fat metabolism. It also supports cardiovascular health. Carnitine has antioxidant properties too which means that it fights free radicals and reduces oxidative stress. To improve insulin health and lose fat with carnitine the following things should also be done:

  • Get sufficient omega-3 fish oils
  • Ensure supplementation is consistent and given time.
  • Eat a high protein diet and exercise for best results.

8) Carnitine for skin health

Foods to eat every day for perfect skin

Topical application of carnitine crean can help improve skin health by reducing the amount of oil released by the skin pores. A less oily skin will offer a smoother overall appearance.

Do you feel carnitine is good for you??

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