Why Diabetes Is Not A Silent Killer Anymore?

Type 2 diabetes

Why Diabetes Is Not A Silent Killer Anymore?

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Diabetes is a very common, yet a very deadly disease. Still diabetes is termed as “The Silent Killer”.  Let’s find out why –

When you consume sugar, it is converted to glucose which is a simple carbohydrate. Glucose can be readily used by the body for energy. Pancreas is the most important organ in absorption of sugar since it produces insulin that lows cells to accept sugar that can be used by the body when needed.

diabetes- how to control blood suagr levels

There are 3 types of Diabetes

Type 1- mostly affects children. In this case pancreas is not able to secrete insulin and hence there is no way for cells to accept sugar. Therefore, people suffering from Type 1 diabetes, take insulin supplements so that sugar can be accepted by the cells.

Type 2 – mostly because of high intake of sugar and junk, refined carbohydrates. This is directly related to obesity and no physical activity. Since there is extremely high level of sugar in the body, insulin becomes ineffective on cells to accept sugar and it keeps flowing in the blood. Insulin production may stop in acute cases when body does not feel the need to produce it with already high amount of sugar in the body.

Type 3 – mostly acquired during pregnancy. This disease may disappear after delivery but mother and child are at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes later.

Changing lifestyle and the advent of cheap carbohydrates in processed and junk foods have made millions of people Type 2 diabetic. Blindness, kidney failure and heart diseases are the most common consequences of diabetes.

All over the world, there are 382 million people suffering from diabetes as per International Diabetes Federation (IDF). Now a shocking fact – more than 50% diabetics are in Asia and the Western Pacific. And out of those, 90-95% of people are Type-2 diabetic. China followed by India has the maximum diabetic population. India has approximately 65.1 million people suffering from this deadly disease.

juvenile diabetes Injecting Insulin

Now my question is – after all this happening in front of our eyes every day… seeing one of our loved one suffering from Diabetes.. perhaps someone dying because of diabetes .. do you still think Diabetes is a silent killer?

Diabetes is all over the newspapers, yearly events, and awareness sessions – do you still think Diabetes is a silent killer?

We eat all kinds of delicious foods like pasta, pizza, burgers, what not.. every day and pile on a pound every other day. Our weight and not bank balance increases progressively year on year. Now if you tell me that while we are hogging like pigs all day every day and you are not cognizant of the fact that you are at the risk of obesity and diabetes, you could be kidding. On another note, if you are of the kinds, please do meet me! I would like to know if someone can be so dumb or lost. No offence to pigs though!

In short, I believe diabetes is not a silent killer, not anymore! It is killing people in front of us, everyday with all pomp and show. What do you think?



Do you still feel that diabetes is a silent killer?

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