Why Drinking Milk Is Not A Healthy Idea Anymore?


Why Drinking Milk Is Not A Healthy Idea Anymore?

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‘Milk’- the word takes you back to your childhood when your parents use to run behind you with a glass of milk! It has always been believed that milk is essential for good overall health as well as bone health. All this is due to the fact that milk contains 300 mg of calcium in one cup.

Lactose Intolerance and alternate Calcium Sources

However, scientific studies have linked milk consumption to several negative health effects. You will be surprised to know that humans barely absorb the calcium present in cow’s milk (pasteurized in particular). To make things worse, it leads to calcium loss from bones! Look at the irony! Milk is said to acidify the body pH which is neutralized by the calcium present in the bones!!!

Fracture risk increases with milk consumption

There are many scientific studies that have evidence against the famous notion that milk and dairy consumption reduces fractures due to osteoporosis. Even if you drink milk from a young age, it won’t protect you against fractures in the future but will instead increase the risk!

Cow’s milk is meant for the calves

We are into the habit of drinking the milk of another animal species! Just think once! What is similar between humans and cows? Cow’s milk is the best food for calves . It weighs around 50 kgs at birth and gains 8 times the weight by the time it stops drinking its mother’s milk. But once weaned, calves never drink milk again and this applies to each and every mammal on Earth. But look at us humans, our ancient survival needs perhaps made us get into the dubious habit of drinking the milk of another species.

Every mammal on earth has its own designer milk and the milk of cows is not an exception. For instance, cow’s milk has 3 times the amount of protein than what human milk has. This is why it creates metabolic disturbances in humans and has a detrimental effect on bones. For human babies, there is nothing better than mother’s milk and the composition of that is very different from cow’s milk.

Milk these days is processed food


Milk is not like how it used to be in the past. Today homogenization and pasteurization of milk alter its chemistry and increase its acidifying effects. As if that was not enough, they give antibiotics and hormones to milking cows just to increase the milk production in an artificial manner. The growth hormone is a man-made one named bovine growth hormone (rBGH). People who drink the milk of the cow injected with this hormone are more susceptible to suffering from cancer. And this cannot be ignored!

What about fermented dairy products?

Fermented dairy products like yoghurt, kefir, and sour cream are not acidic in nature. Yoghurt especially has a lot of health benefits to offer. It would be advisable to go in for brands that do not use bovine growth hormone (rBGH). Try buying organic yoghurt.

Substitutes for cow’s milk

benefits of almond milk in weight loss

Now as drinking cow’s milk is not advisable, you need to settle for other milk like almond milk and soy milk. Make sure that you consume organic soy milk because soy is mostly genetically modified. There is a controversy going over soy, so limit its use till things get cleared up.

Hope this post has convinced you against drinking cow’s milk!

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