Why Eating With Hands Is Healthier?


Why Eating With Hands Is Healthier

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Do you eat your food with your fingers? I know roti cannot be eaten with fork and knife. What about rice? Do you enjoy eating rice with your fingers or are you stuck up in the table manners’ trap? Eating with your hands was considered against etiquettes but now studies say that it might actually be healthier than eating with the spoon, fork and knife. We Indians have been eating with hands since time immemorial, it is a part of our culture and now we have got solid backing to the practice!

Why Eating With Hands Is Healthier?

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Vedic Tradition and eating with the hands

According to the Vedas, eating with the hands is connected to practicing hand mudras. The hands are highly valued and it is said in a Vedic verse that one’s hands bring about the divinity that lies in a human. Such is the belief of ancient India.

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On touching the food by the fingers, the finger tips, having millions of nerve endings get a reading of the texture and temperature of the food. This reading is sent as a signal to the stomach. Ayurveda says that the body makes a response to this food-touching by producing the required digestive juices and enzymes. All this starts even before the food reaches the lips!

What do experts have to say?

According to experts, while eating with hands all the senses get engaged. Using cutlery makes the eating process mechanical due to lack of physical contact with the food. So many things are gauged with the finger touch that tend to draw the attention of the person who is eating. Food was always eaten this way when we were cave men.

Distraction and overeating

Research shows that people who watch TV or play games while eating, tend to eat a lot. It is around 70% more than people who are not distracted. A good solution to this problem is eating with hands. The total concentration of an individual will be on his/her food and plate. Mindful eating makes the food get absorbed better by the body and there is overall well being.

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Another benefit of eating with your hands would be that before every meal you will wash your hands properly and if you have long and dirty nails you will cut them short. Well, on the personal front I do all this (Yes! I grow only the nails of my left hand 🙂 ) as I enjoy eating rice with my fingers!!

I was wondering, if we can adopt a Paleo diet in this ultra modern era, what about Paleo eating etiquettes 😉 ? Isn’t it a natural instinct to pick food with your hands? You must have observed this in children and the poor souls are reprimanded for such behavior!

Our culture and heritage has no boundaries. There are so many practices that we have forgotten in our zest to become westernized but it is heartening to see the western world has started acknowledging our traditions. So be Indian and if you have not started eating with your hands, do it now!! You will love it!

Stay healthy!!

Now, do you know why eating with hands is healthier?

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