Top 10 Reasons Why Eggs Are Good For You!


Top 10 Reasons Why Eggs Are Good For You!

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Eggs are the cheapest, easiest and most versatile way of increasing your intake of protein. Apart from just being great sources of protein, eggs provide a lot of health benefits. Check them out!

1) Boost your immunity


If you want to stay away from infections and diseases, add eggs to your diet. A single large egg provides 22% of your RDA of selenium. Selenium is known to support your immunity and regulate the thyroid hormones.

2) Increase your energy

A single egg has around 15 percent of your RDA of vitamin B2 (also known as riboflavin). It is just one of the eight B vitamins that help the body in converting food into fuel, which is used in the production of energy.

3) Your skin and hair health will improve

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Eggs are rich in vitamin B5 and vitamin B12 apart from vitamin B2. These vitamins are essential for healthy skin, hair, liver and eyes. They also make sure that the nervous system functions properly.

4) Increase satiety

Eggs get a perfect score of 100 when it comes to protein quality. Several studies have shown that eggs score high on the scale called the satiety index, it is a measure of how far a food contributes to your feeling of fullness. When you want to lose weight and stay full for long, you need to include eggs in your diet.

5) Help you lose fat

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As eggs are satiating in nature, they are liked with fat loss. In one study, people were asked to have a breakfast of either eggs or bagels which had the same amount of calories. It was found that the egg group lost 65 percent more body weight, 16 percent more body fat and 61 percent more reduction in BMI. There was also a greater reduction in the waist of people.

6) Protect your brain

Eggs are a great brain food and this is because they have choline in them. It is a part of cell membranes that is needed to make a neurotransmitter. Studies show that due to lack of choline there can be neurological disorders and a cognitive decline.

7) Give you amino acids

Do you know that your body can make 11 essential amino acids that are needed for survival? However, your body needs 20 essential amino acids. And no prize for guessing where you can get the remaining 9! Yes, you can get it from eggs. A lack of the 9 amino acids causes a decreased immune response, weakness, fatigue, muscle wasting and changes in your hair and skin texture.

8) Reduce stress and anxiety


If you happen to be deficient in the 9 amino acids present in eggs, it can affect you mentally. One study has described that supplementing with lysine reduces anxiety and stress levels probably by modulating serotonin in the nervous system.

9) Protect your eyes

Two antioxidants present in eggs – lutein and zeaxanthin have protective effects on the eyes. They are found in the yolk of the egg. Both the antioxidants reduce the risk of macular degeneration and cataracts.

10) Improve bone and teeth health

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Eggs are natural sources of vitamin D. The vitamin is essential for the health of bones and teeth. It basically helps in the absorption of calcium. Calcium is also important for a healthy heart, metabolism and colon.

So people, ready to have eggs?

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