Why Eight Glasses Water A Day A Lie?

Drink More Water
Drink More Water

Why Eight Glasses Water A Day A Lie?

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You would have definitely heard people preaching – “You must have 8 glasses water a day” ! Let me first discuss why do you actually need water. When weight loss is concerned, water regulates the quantity of food that you eat. More than that, water helps your kidneys to function effectively. If you don’t drink enough water, kidneys can’t push out all the waste that needs to be thrown out from your body. That is why, people who drink less water, suffer from constipation most of the times.

Drink More Water
Drink More Water

So clearly, 8 glasses water a day is a lie! Ask me why? If you live in a coastal area or a desert where average temperature is 48 degrees all round the year, are 8 glasses water enough? You know the answer!

But how much water is enough water?

I went through a few researches that said for every pound, you need to drink half to one ounce. Let’s convert to kgs and litre for easy understanding.

If you weigh 50 kgs, you need to drink 2.2 litre of water at least. By using the same formula, you need to drink 3 litres of water if you weigh 70 kgs. But water intake is subjected to a lot of factors like weight, place/temperature, activity level etc. If you have a sedentary lifestyle, you would need less water as compared to an athlete!

Now 8 glasses of water is almost equivalent to 8 glasses of water. But hell, that means 8 glasses water a day is sufficient for men/women of all shapes, sizes and age! So please don’t believe the crap of 8 glasses water a day.

We lose water from our body every second by breathing, every hour by sweating or peeing. So do hydrate yourself with water, whenever you are thirsty.

For people who don’t drink enough water, we all have smartphones nowadays, remind yourself to drink 3 litres of water everyday. Post on water reminder apps coming soon.



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