Why Every Athlete Must Practice Yoga


Why Every Athlete Must Practice Yoga

Yoga is not something that’s only meant for people who want to lose weight but also for anyone who wants a healthy lifestyle. Even athletes who already workout so much also benefit from yoga. People who are underweight can work out to get that actual healthy muscles on hem rather than look like a table.

Many professional athletes practice and propose yoga for others. Yoga is not only for fitness but also for relaxing your mind, soul and body from everyday endurance and an all round health.

Why Every Athlete Must Practice Yoga1

Why Every Athlete Must Practice Yoga

1. Yoga is great in a way to energise and also relax your body. It loosens up any sore muscles and gives you a fresh mind. Flexibility is something athletes cherish more than anything and yoga gives that.

2. In yoga one can learn breathe control which is extremely important for athletes especially swimmers and runners. They need better focus and should be able to use their heart capacity to its fullest while running and lungs for swimming. Both can be done through Kapal bhati or pranayama in yoga. They give better concentration as well.

3. Oxygen intake is increased tremendously while heart rate is slower with yoga. This is an all round benefit since it ultimately leads to a younger life. The relation between mind and your body is increased and physical and emotional awareness of your body is very important for sports.

4. Stress is easily handled with yoga. Mental and body flexibility is just an additional bonus from yoga and also helps in increasing your body’s boundaries every day. You will be working out more, concentrating more and healthier. It clarifies your body and mind giving more focus.

5. Yoga increases your metabolism. Yes it does. And you will feel hungry properly and will be satisfied with a good balanced diet. It helps in your cravings a lot. Believe me I haven’t had anything outside in almost a year. Only like 3 months or so we go out and even then I make sure I eat healthy. It makes sure of your weight even if you skip or suddenly feel sick and cant workout. Even if you go out, a few bed asanas will help you feel fitterJ

6. It helps in faster healing and releases muscle tension and relieves from sore muscles and muscle pain. This is very important for athletes as they are constantly getting some or the other injury.

7. Yoga is recommended for military. It’s because of its endurance training and oxygen intake is increased day by day but keeping your heart in control. Both athletes and people who need extra energy benefit from this.

8. Yoga can be equal to cardio training, or cross training etc… in intensity and the calorie loss. It gives you fresh mind and early morning yoga is best way for this. It helps in keeping your blood pressure low and gives relief from body pains and other issues.

9. Bikram yoga is a form of yoga which has intense workout but takes lesser time and gives amazing flexibility.

Yoga here is a necessity if you need a healthy  lifestyle as an athlete and if you need to keep your body from over exhaustion. It heals your body and maintains your youth.

Why Every Athlete Must Practice Yoga

Now that we have seen it suits everyone…will do you it now?