Why Exercise Is Must For Weight Loss


Why Exercise Is Must For Weight Loss

Someone was recently asking me how I lost all the excess weight and I ended up sharing my story. You can read my story here.

By the end of it they just remarked… oh so you have to walk or exercise? Can’t I just do the normal household work and go on a diet. This wasn’t something new but it still set me thinking. Can we lose weight if we don’t work out? Well the answer is no! You might lose a few kgs. initially but then the weight loss would stop. I have personally seen this happen to me.

When I came down to 60 kgs, I became a little negligent and started missing my workout session. As a result of this I piled on a few kilos again. I was still being lazy when suddenly my aunt remarked- Hey are you putting on weight again? This has sent me back on track again. With that I realised that working out or exercising is not a temporary thing. You need to continue it forever and make it a part of your lifestyle. It is essential not only for weight loss but for a healthy body as well.

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Most of the people I come across complain that they don’t get time to work out. They are too busy in morning or evening and the aerobic class timing or dance class timing doesn’t suit them. Well I just have one answer to that- These are just excuses. Grow out of it. Your favourite actors and actresses work in long shifts and still make sure that they work out. That is how they got that desirable body. So if you want that kind of body then stop brooding and move!

Now exercising doesn’t mean you need to enrol yourself in gym and invest lot money in healthy clubs. You can start from something simple like walking. I have personally been working out at gym since last few years but now I find it to be boring and I guess that’s the reason I stopped working out in the first place. But now I make sure that I walk every day. I started my routine with 45 minutes of walk and gradually increased it to 1.30 hours of brisk walking. Initially it was a chore and I had to literally push myself for it. But with time, when I saw the changes in my body, I felt more inclined to continue the workout. I didn’t lose weight but lost 4 inches in about 20 days and that too just with walking!

I don’t have a fixed time and walk whenever and wherever I can. Even when I was in USA for a vacation I would make sure that I was walking enough. Sometimes my friends join me and at other times, I rely on my ipod to give me company. Using pedometer can actually help you to be motivated. So if you are not a gym person then you can buy a good pedometer or use walking applications on your phone to keep yourself motivated. A pedometer has been reviewed here.

There are days when I really cannot find time to go out for walk. Instead of using it as an excuse, I make sure that I am active. I would walk back home from the metro station, skip the escalators and the lifts, use stairs and make sure that my pedometer is recording all that 🙂 . Recently when I went for my cousin’s wedding (a week long affair with lots and lots of food!), I made sure that I was dancing and moving all the time. The walks were replaced by 20 rounds of Surya Namaskar in the morning and thankfully I did not pile on.

You can also try this or can watch Jillian Michael’s workout video (30 day shred) and use them to burn the calories. The 25 minute intense session is as good as an hour long walk and helps you to tone your muscles and builds your stamina. Its available on Flipkart here.

Why Exercise Is Must For Weight Loss

Dancing is another way by which you can keep your body active and healthy. If you don’t have time to join a dance class then watch dance videos online and learn from those. It not only burns calories but work as a stress buster as well.

So if you are keen on losing weight and looking good then make exercise a part of your routine and quit making excuses. A diet plan cannot work effectively if you don’t combine it with a good workout plan. A sample monthly workout plan here.

Hope your confusion is solved … Why Exercise Is Must For Weight Loss?