Why Fast Weight Loss Of Bollywood Stars Is Not Safe?


Why Fast Weight Loss Of Bollywood Stars Is Not Safe?

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Have you ever wondered how stars lose weight at the drop of the hat? Here you are toiling for months in the gym and while the stars are losing weight all of a sudden!

Topping the list of sudden weight losers is Priyanka Chopra! Post Mary Kom she had to lose all the weight she had gained to do justice to her role. As shooting was to begin for her next project, she was given flat 20 days to lose the weight. You will not believe she lost 7 kilos in 20 days!!

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She had the assistance of boxer Jharna Sanghvi. She too said that such rapid weight loss is not advisable. But as Priyanka had a boxer’s physique, it was difficult but possible to lose the extra kilos with weight training, cardio like skipping and running. Along with the workout she followed a strict and controlled diet. You really think that this is possible without going in for shortcuts? They must have used a weight loss trick to bring her back to her own self because she had really bulked up for her role in Mary Kom.

Actresses are role models for young girls

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There is always a hue and cry when an actress loses lots of weight and emerges as a coat hanger. I have seen so many actresses becoming really skinny. The problem is that these women are the idols for thousands of young girls in the country. With their insanely thin figures they are sending out a wrong message to young girls who start eating less or even go to the extent of starving to fit into the ideal of what a pretty woman should look like. This creates a negative body image. Young girls start believing that only by being stick thin they can look beautiful.

Why Fast Weight Loss Of Bollywood Stars Is Not Safe?

Many stars go in for crash diets or yo-yo diets that are weight loss shortcuts. It is most often viewed as a harmful weight loss technique.

A dietician says that apart from crash dieting, there is no other way of quick weight loss. This means that such diets are followed by stars who want to lose weight fast. She further adds that such diets have a temporary effect as the person will gain back all the weight again as the body has been deprived of food and calories.

There is no shortcut to weight loss, going in for weight loss gimicks is like torturing your body. To fit into a role stars gain weight and later for another role they lose weight. This kind of yo-yoing with the body can seriously affect the health.

aamir khan ghajini look why weight loss of bollywood stars is not safe

Abhishek Bachchan had piled on eleven kilos for his role in Guru. Similarly Vinay Pathak piled on fat for Bheja fry 2. After their role was over they lost weight and were back to their usual self. Aamir Khan too had built 6 packs and a lot of muscles for his movie Ghajijni but lost all of it for his role in 3 idiots. Imagine how he would have done that!

Quick weight loss or weight gain can play havoc with the body’s metabolism. Putting the body on crash diets or binge eating can affect the digestion process. You see the body is adjusted to a particular food pattern and it needs time to change. Imagine what amount of confusion you cause to the body by going in for crash diets. It can result in multiple side effects. Crash diets can give a person dark circles, dull skin, a haggard look, a sloppy posture and less stamina.

Instant weight loss is not recommended for anyone as it is not safe. As Rome was not built in a day, weight loss does not happen instantaneously in the natural way.

Lose weight the natural way! Don’t play with your body!

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