Why Fire Baked Pizzas Are Better?


Why Fire Baked Pizzas Are Better?

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Pizza-the Italian delicacy, has completely changed its form during its journey to the US and then to India. What I feel is that the Italians make pizzas in a manner similar to the how we make our roti and sabzi. They just roll out a thin base made out of flour and spread a homemade sauce and top it up with loads of veggies and cheese and fire bake the pizza. So, you see the concept is the same. It is like sabzi is on top of the roti that has been spread with a tangy chutney. The sauces Italians use like the salsa sauce is nothing but tomato and onion chopped and cooked a bit.

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Are you not craving for an authentic Italian pizza instead of the stuff what you usually get? The Indian version of pizza is a thick bread topped with cheese and a little bit of toppings. Your tummy gets filled with the bread and cheese and those are hardly nutritious! This is the main reason why you are getting fat by eating pizzas. You get to eat the junk version of pizza. This gives you a valid reason to search for authentic Italian pizza restaurants in your city that offer you with healthy toppings like zucchini and even eggplant!

Why fire baked pizzas are better?

Now let us talk about fire baked pizzas and why they are better?

Why fire baked pizzas are better

1) Faster cooking time

Because of the high amount of heat in a brick oven, you pizzas get cooked pretty quickly. It roughly takes 2 to 3 minutes for the pizza to get cooked. So, this means you needn’t wait long for your pizza at the restaurant that have a wood fired brick oven.

2) The crust of the pizza is crisp

At high temperatures, the outside of the pizza gets crisp very quickly because of the radiant heat of the fire that bounces off the internal walls of the oven. The moisture of the dough gets reduces and prevents the base from getting soggy giving you a flavourful crust!

3) Distinct flavour

Only a wood fired oven pizza has a distinct smoky taste that cannot be reproduced in a normal oven. The high temperature adds in flavours that are not obtained by slow cooking. As heat destroys the flavour of olive oil, it is drizzled later over the pizza just before serving.

4) Toppings are crispier and healthier

The extreme heat and airflow in the brick oven cooks the toppings of the pizza quickly and evenly. The veggies on the top are a lot crispier than the ones in pizzas made in the normal kitchen oven. This fast method of cooking also allows vitamins and other nutrients in the vegetable toppings to remain intact. Additionally, the cheese doesn’t get burned but gives an appealing shade on top and a smoky flavour.

You must have felt the difference between the pizzas that are made in the normal oven and the ones that are fire baked. The fire baked pizzas are tastier, crispier and healthier. If you get your hands on fire baked pizzas don’t lose the opportunity!!



Care to taste fire baked pizzas?

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