Why Food Outlets at Indian Airports Sell Only Junk?


Why Food Outlets at Indian Airports Sell Only Junk?

Hello Everyone,

I travelled to my native place due to sudden demise of my grandmother. I have been trying to write everyday and have not been away for a long time. But some people did notice that I was away from Facebook and not too active on IWB. Thanks for your love guys! I am so proud that some of my relationships in this online world are not virtual but real <3

Like I was saying, this trip wasn’t planned and I flew overnight,  I totally depended on outside food. I ate at roadside and small restaurants during drives and airport counters during flights.  The express fast food counters at Chandigarh airport had nothing except junk. Their menu was like the one below-


I asked the counter folks if they had idli, and the response was “It would take a bit of time” since it’s the least selling item from their menu. I asked the person about their hot selling item, their response was expected – tea/coffee and soft drinks. When I asked which food items sells the most, the person said puffs and rolls, followed by sandwiches. All the three items were made of maida, not wheat!

I noticed people all around from all age groups and walks of life –  parents, kids , youngsters , elderly, students, professionals! Most of them were overweight and had no guilt on their face buying food from the menu above. In fact, a few parents were relieved to get a cold drink for toddlers to make him/her sit with peace. Not that I never noticed, but I was certainly disappointed to see no remorse on parents faces giving a slow poison to their child.

As I flew from Chandigarh to Bangalore and checked flight menu, it was more or less the same as above. I then waited to land in Bangalore to check how the counters at this airport are. Bangalore has a nice South Indian restaurant that serves steaming idlis, kesaribhath and all south Indian dishes. I feasted on idli sambhar and Bangalore’s favorite filter coffee. Yes, South Indian food is high in carbs, but the idli and sambhar full of vegetables is any day better than burgers for God sake.  India’s native dishes struggle to find a place in the menu of food counters at airports. On the contrary, you can find every category of junk available from packaged juices, chocolates, chips, cookies, packed coffee/milk, candies, cakes and the list goes on.


Since Bangalore is a world class airport, it has vending machines every 200 meters between boarding gates. The vending machine dispenses water, chips, and cold drinks. I am not complaining why vending machine can’t dispense “real food” or “less junk” food. Though its practically possible to dispense boiled eggs, multi grain veg/non veg sandwiches. My complain is why water is more expensive than cold drink? Seriously, one brand retailed water bottle at Rs 40 and soft drink costs Rs 20. What an irony! Infact, junk should be most expensive of all, huhhhh.

My question as to Why Food Outlets at Indian Airports Sell Only Junk remains unanswered as I kept pondering.

See you again, everyday from now on!



Do share with us what is the healthiest food you ate at the Indian airports’ food counters!

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