Why Going On A Vacation Is Important?


Here’s Why Going On A Vacation Is Important!

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Do you think that by giving up your sick leave and casual leave you are doing a favour to your boss? Cancelling your yearly vacation just to impress your boss is a bad idea. According to research, taking vacations makes us more productive, happier and healthier. Now with the new year here, vacations need to be on top of your to do list!

Here are the benefits of taking a some time off :

1) Going on regular vacations prevents heart attack

The Impact of Excess Weight On Vital Body Organs heart

It is well known fact that stress leads to heart disease. Chronic stress due to work demands, finances and personal life takes a toll on health. It can raise blood pressure and contribute to heart disease that can end up as a heart attack. Depression is also linked to heart disease and stress. Neuroscientists have found that the brain’s structure actually gets altered by a long term exposure to cortisol (the stress hormone). The hormone is a contributing factor to anxiety and depression. A study states that when on a vacation people feel happier. So, this means that to reduce the stress in your life and prevent heart attacks you need to take regular time off from work.

2) Vacations make you smarter


If you are distracted and unable to concentrate due to stress, it is time you pay attention to your health. Studies say that chronic stress can affect the part of the brain that is responsible for making goals. It can also cause memory related problems. Your work performance can get affected leading to more stress. A majority of people say that they are more satisfied at work when they go on vacations regularly.

3) You can lose weight with regular vacations

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Many people eat a lot when under stress. Such stress eaters can turn fat and this fact is backed by science. But regular vacations can be of great help. While on a vacation, people have reported that they feel positive and extremely happy. The vicious cycle of stress and overeating can be ended by taking some time off all the stress in your life.

How you should go about your vacation?

Taking vacations help a majority of people as they get time to spend with their family and enjoy. You need not have a vacation that spans several weeks, even a 2 to 3 day escape can be sufficient to recharge yourself and return to work with better focus, productivity and energy. Now you may wonder what kind of vacation you should take. Well, that depends on your personal liking. Everyone is unique and have a different way of getting rejuvenated. Some people like a beach resort while others want to head to hill stations. It is up to you! Go anywhere you like but make sure that you do go!

Remember that the vacation need not be a very extravagant affair. Not everyone can afford a trip to Las Vegas! Choose your holiday destination according to your pocket. The point is not where you go, it is just taking an off from your stressful life and heading towards happiness.

For better health this year, take the plunge to go on regular vacations and make the most out of life.

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