Why I Love Running & How It Changed My Life?

A Beginner's Guide to Running

Why I Love Running & How It Changed My Life?

Hi Everyone!

Those who have been following me on IWB must be knowing that I have been running since 5 -6 months and my last achievement has been of 16 km.I do see runners around and I don’t see myself anywhere when I compare myself with them but I am a mother who never ran in her life. When you start running early, your body becomes habitual of it but late starters like me have to go through a lot as our bodies are just not ready for long runs.

Yesterday I was whatsapping my close friend and when I told her about my running she was kind of amazed. She was the one who was the runner and would get all the medals in running and jumping and I was the one who used to just feel amazed as I couldn’t run at all.

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Thanks to the dietician team of Indian weight loss blog (check out the weight loss programme details here ) and Kanan who introduced me to running.It’s a little sad that she had to back out due to some health reasons but I am kind of really overwhelmed.

Now I love running so much that I don’t miss any event of running. I try to get my schedule planned in a way that I do get to run. I ran even on 1st January .There was this running event happening and when I reached, there was not a single woman around but I was like- Wow! I am the only one who is actually taking this passionately .

It’s so good to see all the Facebook running groups. It’s great to meet all the runners which would have not been possible without this social media world.I think we are living in the best times. You can learn and explore as much you want.There is no dearth of knowledge on internet. I find this all really motivating.

I would like to list down few reason why I love running and I hope that this will motivate all my readers-

  • You can run whenever you want..There is no restriction regarding the time.If you like the weather just go ahead and RUNNN. Feeling low just try running you will get that extra kick in your life and you will get back to your positive self again.I first started running in evening then I moved to morning and now I am back to evening again as mornings are really cold and sometimes I’m not able to come out of my bed.
  • It improves self esteem and you will not even realize it 🙂
  • With 45 minutes of running you definitely get to cheat more than others.:P
  • You get this beautiful glow on face and you will see your body getting toned.
  • You get to make new friends who are fitness conscious and more hard working and  chilled out as compared to those who want to lose weight with short cuts.
  • Running increases stamina which I am sure is kind of obvious 🙂
  • You make your heart stronger when you run. Heart has to work a lot more when you run and it improves your cardiovascular health.
  • Running makes your bones strong. It is so because it is a weight-bearing exercise.
  • Not only bones but your muscles also get healthier when you run regularly.
  • Running helps you in losing weight fast and maintains your health.
  • Running gives a fillip to immune system and it also ups the level of good cholesterol in body.

I believe that these reasons are good enough for you to put your running shoes on and go for a run.  It will benefit you in every way and you will come out a winner.

Do you love to run?

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