Why Indian Parents Don’t Encourage Sports As A Career?


Why Indian Parents Don’t Encourage Sports As A Career?

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Whatever you have become did you actually want to be so in life? Was your career your own choice or your parents’? Well, in my case I was never forced for anything and here I am as a writer to write my heart out. I followed what my heart said when it came to choosing a career. I was given that liberty by my parents! So, that was a glimpse of my story. The topic of this post sings a different tune. Why Indian parents don’t encourage sports as a career for their kids?

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Yes, when you ask a little kid what he wants to become when he grows up, pat comes a reply. Some are really cute ones like tennis player, basket ball player, cricketer etc. But the sad part is that when parents listen to the innocent dreams of their kids, they try their best to trample them. Parents in India simply don’t approve of their kids becoming professional sports players. The reactions are like “What! You want to play tennis? You think you can be the next Sania Mirza? “ or “ Everybody can’t become someone like Sachin Tendulkar! You have to become an engineer, did you get that?” There burst the soft bubbles of their kids’ dreams.

Why Indian Parents Don’t Encourage Sports As A Career For Their Kids?

But why do parents not approve of their kids becoming professional players. There must be a reason. First reason, is that they feel sports cannot pay them handsomely in life the way a regular job can. The job security that a regular job has to offer cannot be there in a sports career. What also worries them is the short span of a sports career. As parents they want their children to have a safe and secure future and perhaps that is the main reason why they put their foot down when it comes to a career in sports. But the truth is that job insecurity is there everywhere even in bank jobs or IT.

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Most parents are unaware and ignorant about the facts of sports as a career. There are a lot of misconceptions in their minds that need to be cleared. Here I would like to quote what Shahrukh Khan said about sports as a career. With the true blue spirits of a sportsman he backs sports as a career. He said that sports can be considered a good job opportunity and parents must be guided about how even sports can be a viable career option for their kids. He also agrees with the parents’ point of view. He says that parents just have to be able to see the job opportunity a particular sport has to offer. They should know that it can be a salary job. He said that if you support your kids they will be proud of you! He had also stressed upon supporting women sports. Who can forget Chak de! India? His scintillating performance as a coach of the women’s hockey team was truly a commendable job.

When parents of other countries allow their children to move forward and realise their dreams even Indian parents should do the same. Just think once if Sachin’s parents had not allowed their son to play cricket would India and the world had witnessed such a star? If the child has the calibre in him or her the parents should support. Give your child’s dreams the wings that will help them fly!!

Why Indian Parents Don’t Encourage Sports As A Career For Their Kids? What do you feel?

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