Why Indian Women Treat Tummy As Dumping Bin?


Why Indian Women Treat Tummy As Dumping Bin


If you are thinking that I would answer this million dollar question –

Why Indian Women Treat Tummy As Dumping Bin?

Then pat you back coz you are wrong 😛 . No I am not answering today, but asking you this question.

I have seen women especially Indian women who eat leftovers no matter how full is their tummy already. Some women eat leftovers only, jee haan I am not lying. There could be a lot of reasons which I fail to understand, may be because I am single. But I can definitely share scenarios where women overeat by dumping leftovers in their tummy.


Why Indian Women Treat Tummy As Dumping Bin

I have usually seen mother of a toddler ending up eating what the ‘prince/princess’ refuses to eat 🙁 . Anamika can clarify this situation well because I am not sure if she eats a bite or two while feeding Anvika.

Women who cook different dishes for every family member also treat their tummy as a dumping bin. I have a joint family, my mom and chachi(aunt) end up cooking different dishes for everyone. They make veggie and daal for everyone, non spicy food for my grand mother and something ‘interesting’ for kids. In the end, they don’t cook for themselves because they end up eating a bit of everything.

Working women also tend to eat leftovers very frequently. There are tons of examples we all can associate with our daily lives. There is nothing bad in eating leftovers, in fact leftovers prevent you from eating quick junk when you are starving and just about to commit a crime(read heading towards 2 minute maggi).

But when you completely rely on leftovers, there is maximum probability of overeating. This is because you don’t relish your food in a plate but eat here and there in bits and pieces. A little bit this and a little bit of that ! You end up eating a lot more than you really need.

The maximum damage is done when you are already full and then one bite.. two bites and voila you realize that you are full till your neck – exaggeration intended 😉 .

Two days back, while I and my mom were having lunch, I realized I was full and left food in my plate. My mom just could not tolerate and dumped it in her tummy. Few minutes later, she demanded Eno, hmmmph ! Clearly, she was done and she was over done after eating from  my plate. I don’t know why she had to do that !

If you don’t like to waste food, please don’t dump it in your tummy. Take less food in one serving and when you finish, take another serving. In case you are full and there is still some left in your plate, please don’t throw it off. Leave it for birds in your balcony or doggy nearby.  In my native town, few cows stand outside our door everyday and leftover rotis and veggies become their treat !

There can be tons of ways you can make use of the leftover food… give it to someone who needs it rather than making your tummy a dumping bin !

What do you do with leftovers? Let me know !

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