Why Is Good Posture Important For Weight Loss?


Why Is Good Posture Important For Weight Loss?

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Simple tricks to prevent workout injuries

A large percentage of workout injuries can be attributed to bad posture or form. Not only does bad form increase the risk of injuries, a bad form can also minimize the gains. You could be bench pressing 90 kgs, but bad form will counter all the gains you could have had. You run 10 Kms every day, but in bad form? Forget losing those excess ponds. Using good form will not only reduce the risk of injuries, but will also help you achieve results faster. Form is everything- put this sign up where you work out, chant it religiously and let this seep into your brain.

Focus on posture, not on gains

If you are a beginner, focus on getting the right form of doing your exercises. If you have been working out for some time with less than impressive results, your form might be to blame. It is however easier for beginners to incorporate good form than it is for conditioned gym rats to restructure their workout form, it is not impossible though. Learn the techniques of working out right:

  • Position of the knees

  • The arms

  • Your core

It is important to develop a sort of kinesthetic ability to determine the status of various parts of your body while you work out. Having a conscious knowledge on how your body is behaving during your workout will help you correct your form if and it drops.

Range of motion and exercise safety

Range of motion and exercise safety


Two aspects that attribute to form are Range of motion (ROM) and exercise safety. Range of motion is the distance through which the muscle moves during a particular exercise. You stimulate more muscle fibers as you increase the range of motion. However, if you wish to focus on certain muscle groups, you will be better off using partial range of motion to achieve desired results. Combining full range of motion and partial range of motion is the way to go.

  • Exercise safety is mainly used in the context of weight training, but it can be applied to any form of exercise such as isometrics or cardio as well.
  • Make sure your movements are at optimal speed and if using weights ensure that you are using proper weights.
  • Do not work any injured part until it is properly healed. This will prevent the injured part from getting worse or form re injury.
  • No hyperextension. This is mainly aimed at weighted exercises. Hyperextension is the bad practice of using excessive force to achieve the final leg of exercises to achieve a full range of motion. This can dangerously cramp your muscles, rendering you unable to work out or even perform basic movements for days on end.
  • Take reasonable breaks between reps and exercises. Your man aim is to better yourself and not to prove anything to anyone. No one will be impressed if you exert yourself to exhaustion with no breaks in between.

Get a personal trainer workout partner

Form Is Important For Weight Loss

Investing in a personal trainer will ensure that you workout with good form. The trainer will show you proper form and will monitor you throughout your workout session. They will show you which muscles are targeted with each exercise, and correct you if your form weans. Getting a workout buddy is not as effective, but will still help you maintain good for while someone is watching over you .

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