Why Is Phosphate Bad For The Kidneys?


Why Is Phosphate Bad For The Kidneys?

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You must have always read articles that focus on heart health but have you read about kidney health? They do an important job too! So, it is your duty to take care of your kidneys.

A new study has revealed something that everyone should know about. The focus is on the health of kidneys. It says that phosphates that are artificially added to dairy and cereal products are causing more increase in the blood’s phosphorus levels than the phosphates that occur naturally and are putting a stress on the kidneys.

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What is phosphorus? Why is it bad in excess?

The element phosphorous is crucial for our existence and it helps in the formation of DNA and RNA. However, consuming too much dietary phosphate stiffens the blood vessels and enlarges the heart. It is bad for bone health too. Phosphorus in excess amounts has an adverse effect on patients who are already suffering from kidney disease and at the same time can cause kidney problems in normal human beings.

What the study has to say?

According to the study, people should be more aware of what they are eating. Consuming excess of phosphate is not just a matter of special concern for those who have kidney disease already but also for those who are in the pink of their health.

Kidney health-why phosphate is bad for the kidneys

So far phosphate studies ignored the point whether phosphates that are artificially added to food have the same impact as that of phosphates that occur naturally. The researchers were able to gather sufficient patient data from the year 2003 to 2006 and could determine what foods people were consuming and how the foods affected the phosphorus levels of the blood.

The researchers took note of the point that there was significant increase in the blood’s phosphate levels in those people who ate dairy containing foods and cereal or grain based foods that had artificially added phosphates in them. The researchers called the artificially added phosphates as ‘inorganic phosphorus’. The researchers were able to see a comparatively lesser but significant increase in the levels of the blood’s phosphate in those who had dairy foods that did not have artificially added phosphates in them. The function of the kidney was impacted in correlation with the degree of increase in the phosphate levels.

It is recommended that an individual consumes 700 mg of phosphate in a day. Health experts feel that it is a good figure. In the study it was found that a lot of people were consuming two times the recommended amount! As already mentioned above, too much phosphate is bad for all especially for those who are suffering from kidney issues.

Health experts believe that pancake and instant bread mixes are the culprits that contain the most amounts of inorganic phosphate. This directly means that such food should be consumed less frequently.

At present, the Food and Drug Administration does not direct the food producers to distinguish between artificially added and naturally occurring phosphates on the label. The study suggests that the FDA should modify its rules and regulations and make such labeling compulsory.

So, let’s wait and watch what happens next!

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