Why Is Reusing Oil Dangerous For Health


Why Is Reusing Oil Dangerous For Health

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Indian cooking and oil are inseparable. Oil is used in most of the things we cook in the kitchen, be it tempering, sautéing or frying. After deep frying your cutlets, do you dispose off the oil or do you reuse it? I know it is a yes to the second part of my question. You would say that oil is so expensive, how can I possibly throw it away? My answer to that is now you are saving money on the oil but later you would need to pay in thousands for your medical bills. Yes, oil re-usage is bad for health but I will also tell you ways to safely reuse it.

reuse of oil bad for health

What happens when you reuse oil?

When oil is reused, it becomes rancid and has free radicals in it. These free radicals are big time mischief makers. They affect the healthy cells of the body very badly. Free radicals are carcinogenic (cancer causing) and they block arteries by increasing levels of bad cholesterol. They thus cause several illnesses. In the long run it may cause:

  • Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease
  • Heart disease

It takes just one use to create HNE in the oil. Reusing that oil at too high of a heat can cause even more HNE to build-up. HNE is a toxic substance that causes Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke and liver diseases.

Is there a safe way out to reuse the oil?

Owing to today’s expensive world, it may not seem practical to use a fresh batch of oil each time. There is a way out but it cannot be specified how many times we can reuse oil because it depends on the type of oil, the duration for which it was heated etc. Here is a quick guide on how to safely reuse your oil:-

  • Allow the leftover oil from cooking to cool down and strain the oil with a cheese cloth. Straining the oil will remove food particles that tend to spoil the oil. Transfer the contents to an airtight container.
  • While reusing the oil, check for its thickness and colour. If the oil is dark and greasy, you must dispose it off.
  • When the reused oil is very smokey on heating a little it must be discarded immediately as it might contain toxic elements such as HNE.

Using the right oil

reused oils bad for health

Not all oils are the same. Oils with a high smoking point such as sunflower, safflower, rice bran, peanut, sesame and mustard oil can be used comfortably for frying and deep frying. These oils do not break down at high temperatures so they are suitable for deep frying. There are also oils such as olive oil that is not meant for deep frying as it does not have a high smoke point. Olive oil though vouched as the most heart healthy oil can be used only for sautéing. You should use the right oil for the right cooking purposes.

Hope you found this article useful. The best option when it comes to upkeep of good health is to keep oil reuse minimal. Don’t overdo it.

Stay fit and healthy!

Now you know why reusing oil is dangerous for health!

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