Why is roti bad for you?


Why is roti bad for you?

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Roti-one of the basic essential of life. Now if you have to live without it, can you? Very very difficult. All the yummy stuffed paranthas, tandoori rotis or even the basic phulka cannot be given up completely. Now if I tell you that modern wheat is bad and the rotis you are gobbling down are not good for you, will you hit me?

The blame has to go to modern wheat. Right now it is under debate around the world. Some people say that whole wheat is healthy and should be included as a part of a balanced diet. There is another group that says that wheat is damaging our body like slow poison. Whom should we trust? Should we give up our rotis or not?

the tale of 2 rotis

As civilization dawned upon us, we started farming and growing all kinds of things that includes wheat. So, we have been consuming wheat for centuries and everything has been alright so far. What went wrong in the recent past? Why do we see gluten sensitivity, celiac disease? Why are people getting obese and suffering with lifestyle diseases?

The answer to this is that our wheat has changed. It is not the same as it used be a century ago. If our ancestors lived a healthy life eating wheat it directly points out that something is wrong with modern wheat. So the rotis we are eating today are not as healthy as they used to be in the past.

Rotis are not good for you

Why? This is so because the wheat you are using is genetically modified. In the past we used to consume three wheat varieties namely: Kamut, Emmer and Einkorn. In the 1960s there was a cross breeding done in wheat to increase yield and that wheat is the dwarf wheat consumed by us today. The wheat to make your oh! so dear rotis is genetically modified i.e. not completely natural. Dwarf wheat though cheaper lacks in the nutrients department. The amount of nutrients like Magnesium ,Copper, Iron , Zinc and Selenium in wheat have been declining year by year.

Another reason that makes modern wheat rotis unhealthy is the fact that the wheat grains are processed differently. Today’s wheat is bleached. The old methods of soaking, sprouting and fermenting are all lost.

Though the agricultural revolution has won laurels in the yield and cost department but has failed to deliver us with wheat full of goodness to make rotis that suffice one’s nutrient requirements.


How gluten in rotis affects people?

More and more number of people are getting intolerant towards gluten found in wheat. In the western world this problem is on a rise. What happens is that gluten in rotis or bread affect the lining of the digestive tract leading to inflammation and other digestive issues. Modern wheat is culprit behind all this. Poor souls suffering with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease cannot eat rotis or bread or anything that contains gluten.

Times can change

I wonder if our food is so bad today, it is only going to get worse in the coming future. Or maybe there will be a tidal shift and we will start growing and cultivating wheat and other crops the way our ancestors did. If we can go back in time and start eating a paleo diet, we can bring back the old varieties of wheat and start consuming them. The best part is that people are getting more aware of what is getting into them and they know about making healthy choices.

🙁 Sad that our rotis are not healthy!! Waiting for the day when they become healthy again.

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