Why Laughing Is Great For Health?


Why Laughing Is Great For Health?

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Remember the old adage- ‘Laughter is the best medicine’? Now what is life without happiness and a few guffaws? Researchers also feel that laughter is the best way of making a person feel better. People who laugh more are healthier than those who don’t. Though in-depth studies are yet to be done, a little bit of laughter will not hurt anyone!


What happens when you laugh?

When you laugh, you change physiologically. The muscles of the face and body are stretched, pulse and blood pressure go high, you breathe faster and send more oxygen to your tissues.

It is like a mild workout. The effects of laughter and exercise are quite similar. Laughter is also known to burn calories. Do you know that 10 to 15 mins of laughter can burn 50 calories? Isn’t it an easy way to burn calories?? Just get some rib-tickling movie DVDs and laugh your way to fitness.

Effects of laughter on the body

The effects of laughter on the body have been studied and a lot of interesting information has come up:

Blood flow

In a study, one group of people were shown comedies and another group was shown drama. After the show, the blood vessels of those who watched comedy were normal- contracting and expanding the way they should. However, the blood vessels of those watched drama were tensed up, restricting the flow of blood.


Increase in stress is linked to decrease in immunity. Certain studies have shown that laughing raises the levels of infection fighting antibodies. The levels of immune cells get boosted too.

Blood sugar levels

A study was done in 19 people who had diabetes. After a meal they were asked to attend a tedious lecture and on the next day they were asked to eat the same meal and watch a comedy. The blood sugar levels were lower after the comedy than the lecture.

Laughing good for health

Is there solid evidence about laughter being the best medicine?

Studies done in this regard are too small and not conducted properly. It cannot be definitely said that laughter is the best medicine. However, there is one most convincing benefit of laughter and that is the ability to dull pain. Several studies say that people in pain have reported that the pain doesn’t bother them too much after a hearty laugh.

The biggest hindrances in laughter research are that it is difficult to find the cause and effect. For example, a study might show that those who laugh more fall sick less often. But that must be because healthy people have more to laugh about. So, there are so many things that need to be thought about in laughter research.

Laughter and quality of life

Laughter is just a part of the canvas of life. It has been found that an individual is 30 times more likely to laugh in the company of other people than when he/she is alone. Being amongst people and interacting with them offers a lot of health benefits. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t like to laugh his heart out! Being with family and friends and laughing out loud can make you feel better and that is a fact even if studies may not be able to show it!



So, keep laughing!

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