Why Listening To Music Is Great For Health?


Why Listening To Music Is Great For Health

“One good thing about music, is when it hits you, you feel no pain.” Bob Marley. In today’s world where at every step there is stress and pain music is a great thing that comes to our rescue. Today’s this post by Dona is all about music and its health benefits.

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Why Listening To Music Is Great For Health?

Have you ever tried watching a horror movie with the Sound off? Did the movie scare you even a bit? No? Why?  Because there was no “booom-baash” goose-bumping horror music!!! Isn’t it? Visual gimmicks are also vain in absence of the sound. So, it is the sound, more than the visual effects that largely have an impact on us. When does a sound become noise or music? When we don’t like the sound, it becomes noise. And when we enjoy the sound it becomes music!!! Like- “Noise in the classroom” and “Music of her voice”…..

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Music plays a miraculous role in our lives. It can be ever so soothing for the mind, body and the soul. Music can soothe our mind, heal our body and uplift our soul! Music can actually heal….

Music has umpteen benefits which most of us would be hardly aware of. It has the power to relieve stress and anxiety, improve sleep, reduce pain, and boost immune system and many more. Walking down the street listening to music….doesn’t your feet too, walk in the same rhythm as that of the music which you are listening to? It so evident that music possesses the power to entrain our mind! This principle has been the base of the “Music therapy” – Healing with Music.

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Music benefits us in many ways:

  • Reduces stress and Elevates Mood:

Good music has a very soothing effect on the mind. It helps our mind being drifted to ‘another world’ and makes us forget our problems. Listening to happy music makes us feel so calm and relaxed and thus reduces the level of stress. Music induces release of certain types of hormones which helps relieving stress and thus elevates mood. Even in absence of stress, listening to a good piece of music, cheers up the mood.

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  • Motivates:

When lacking confidence, a good enthusiastic song surely uplifts the spirit and motivates to get-up-and-fight!!! That’s why there are anthems and songs in sports, schools etc.

  •  Relieves depression:

When a person is emotionally broke, soft music soothes the mind. It acts as a balm for bruised hearts. It helps a person feel less lonely and overcome depression.

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  •  Reduces anxiety and pacifies the Mind:

Channeling the brain in another direction is a good formula to help ignore and overcome tensions and worries. Music exactly does that. Getting engrossed in the music, one can forget the pains and worries.

  •  Improves sleep quality:

health benefits of music.2 Studies show that stress and anxiety interfere with peaceful sleep. Since music has the ability to cure both, it helps improve sleep problems and sleep quality. It also soothes the mind which gradually drifts to sleep. Isn’t a lullaby a perfect example?

  •  Induces a meditative state:

Soft and slow music affects the brainwaves, creating a meditative or hypnotic effect. Needless to mention the umpteen good effects meditation has.

  •  Therapeutic uses:

Since music has meditative and hypnotic effects it can have a therapeutic effect, reducing symptoms of migraine, PMS and many other behavioural issues.

  •  Relieves pain and boosts immune system:

Music is said to reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which is responsible for weakening the immune system, increasing blood pressure and risk of heart disease, interfering with learning and memory etc. Research show that by listening to just 50 minutes of uplifting music, the levels of antibodies in the human body increases which boosts the immune system.

  •  Good for the heart and helps maintain steady blood pressure, pulse and heartbeats:

Listening to favourite music triggers release of endorphins in the brain which in turn helps improving vascular health. Music is also said to strengthen the heart and improve the recovery time of patients suffering from heart disease.

  •  Improves workout stamina:

health benefits of music.5 Music during workouts boosts physical performance and improves endurance and stamina during a tough exercise session. Focusing on the music, we tend to work out extra without realising and feeling any kind of strain and thus burn more calories as well.

  •  Improves blood vessels functioning:

When music acts as a stimulus for energy and soothing of the mind, it actually improves the blood flow in the body. Thus blood vessel functions get improved.

  •  Helps perform better in high-pressure situations:

A mental break with music, during exam preparation…doesn’t it work wonders? That 5 minutes breaks reaps the advantages for good 1-2 hours. In high-pressure situations, music helps calm the mind and enables it to handle the situation better.

  •  Reduces fatigue and exhaustion:

health benefits of music 6 A good, soft soothing track on the ear-phones, on the way back from office to home after a long and hectic day…. or a hot bath with soft music. Quite surprising, how easily the fatigue and exhaustion disappears!

  •  Improves performance:

With a calm and pacified mind, good mood, less stress, good health it is obvious that our brain, its focus and memory will also be at its best. And this is sure to improve performance in whatever we do. health benefits of music 7 So, the next time if you are tired, or stressed out or down at emotional fronts just grab your cell phones for a good sound track and relax. It will uplift your mood like a miracle. But there has to be caution maintained… using too much of ear-phones can damage the ears. Listening to loud music on the busy roads and while driving can also lead to accidents!!! Forget your sleeping pills and doctor. Music will heal you like nothing else and that too free of cost!!! \

Here is a beautiful close to this post:

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Enjoy music !

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