Why Losing Weight Is Not Difficult?


Why Losing Weight Is Not Difficult?

Many Indian mothers give up by saying that now nothing can be done to their weight. They’re going to look like what they’re now. No miracles are going to happen…But, Hold on…..There is nothing like miracle if you wait for something good to happen until and unless you yourself pull up your socks. Like, it’s been always said ” It’s Never Too Late”

It’s never too late to get what you always desired to be. Losing weight is not that difficult now, It’s just that you’ve to follow some really important steps and then you’re done with it. 

1. Water Therapy

girl-on-run-drinking-water fitness

It’s scientifically proven that the one who drinks boiled and warm water lose weight fast than those who don’t. At least drink 8 glass of water per day and note, it must be warm.

2. Pranayama ( Exercise and Yoga )

Adho Mukha Savanasana yoga for digestion

It’s mandatory to remove toxic substances from the body for those who want to lose their weight. Breathing in and breathing out in the fresh air early in the morning is good for health and helps in removing carbon dioxide from the body. Carbon dioxide is a harmful substance and note, perform yoga early in the morning as it’s more beneficial than any other time in a day.

3. Aerobics

Everyday, Regular aerobics helps muscles to lose, makes blood circulation faster and it kills unnecessary fat from the body.

4. Take out more sweat

Running, Cycling and playing Outdoor games helps in taking out sweat from your body. Sweat takes out unnecessary Ammonia, Salt and Sugar from your body that in turn helps in weight loss.

5. Reduction of Salt and Sugar

Both, Sugar and Salt are harmful substances for the body. They make losing weight more difficult. Moreover, a lot of diseases can surface due to consumption of salt and sugar. Avoid the food that contains both of them the most.

6. It’s a myth that eating less will make you lose your weight faster

woman eating broccoli

Proper diet is the answer to all your health problems. Do not eat up to the neck, try to eat at regular intervals. Add more fruits to your diet. Try not to eat more at night as you sleep taking your stomach filled with undigested food turns into unnecessary fat in the body.

7. Treat your Constipation

 If you’re suffering from constipation problem (failure to pass stools or gas) then treat it as soon as possible. As, it can add more fat to your body. Drinking warm water and proper bowl movements of stomach can help.

constipation and weight loss

7. last but not the least, Prepare a complete schedule.

One cannot achieve his goal, if he doesn’t have important points written with him. Make a list of what you do everyday after you wake up in the morning till you go to your bed. Know your loopholes and find a quick solution of it.

Losing weight is not difficult, agree?

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