Why Low Calorie Diets Do Not Work?


Why Low Calorie Diets Do Not Work?

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You are eager to lose weight and you jump straight into the pool of a low calorie diet. But you are not able to swim for long and you come back to the dry land where you started from. Well, this post aims at discussing why low-calorie diets are a fad and don’t seem to work well for weight loss.

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The theory of this diet is that reducing calories will result in weight loss. You would have read that by reducing 3500 calories a week, you could lose one pound in a week’s time. But does this work? It might work for a short span of time but this can’t go on for long as the human body is a lot more intelligent than you think! While following this kind of a diet you have to at terrible tasting food and put up with feeling hungry all the time.

What happens to your body when you go on a low calorie diet?

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Point to be noted is that when you go on a low calorie diet, you are depriving your body of food. You are starving, so your body goes into survival mode. It will make most of each morsel you eat because it doesn’t know whether it will get sufficient food later! Low calorie dieters might be proud of the fact that they are counting each and every calorie they are consuming, little do they know that they are confusing their own bodies with the diet they are following. When you are subjected to a low calorie diet, your metabolism slows down and your muscle mass decline. After you put a full stop to a low calorie diet, you will gain all the weight back.

Over consumption of carbs

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Another problem with low calorie diets is that you have to limit consumption of protein and fat and turn to carbs for food. Consuming carbs excessively can make your system to work harder to keep a control on your levels of blood sugar by producing really high levels of insulin. Insulin is a hormone that stores fat. When you happen to consume refined carbs, the spikes in your sugar levels will be higher and more and more insulin will be produced to control it.

Low calorie diets can be psychologically hard too. Don’t to feel it is hard to give up all the foods you love all of a sudden? The foods you love are a strict no-no in this diet. This will make it impossible for you to stick to a low calorie diet for a long period of time.

Scientific evidence of no relation between caloric intake and weight loss

A study done by a Canadian University has found out that calories are not as vital for weight management as it was once thought.

In the study, 12 sets of male twins were asked to eat 1000 extra calories in a day for 84 days. If there was a direct connection between calories and weight, the extra 84,000 calories should have made all the men gain 24 pounds. But that just did not happen. A few men gained 10 pounds while others gained 29 pounds. So, what is the reason of this enormous difference? Simple, it is metabolism. The results were affected by the different metabolism of the men. A few men were fat burners while others were fat storers.

This purely means that you need to get your body on a fat burning mode. Getting yourself on a fat burning mode is essential for weight loss and weight maintenance. And do you which diet is making this possible? A low carb diet!

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