Why Low Carb Eating Is Not Boring?

roasted eggs recipes

Why Low Carb Eating Is Not Boring?

Hi Everyone,

People tell me that low carb eating is boring! You can’t eat many grains, pulses, fruits and vegetables. All you get to eat is meat and meat – This is what I have been hearing for over 2 years now. Mind you, I am an eggitarian and still I have managed to pull off low carb lifestyle. It was not so easy, but where there is a will, there is a way!

So in my defense, I am reasoning –

Why Low Carb Eating Is Not Boring?

Cheese – the most heavenly food on earth – is available to you every day. What can be more enticing than cheese 😉 . However, people who are so called dieting akka tracking every calorie they eat consider eating cheese as a devil and eating cheese as a vice lol 😛 . Did I miss including cheese sauce, yumm! You are free to dip salad in cheese sauce, without thinking twice!

low carb high fat cheese sauce

You can eat fat without any guilt. Oh right, you can have butter and ghee without the fear of putting on weight. You will really have no cramps that you have when you devoid yourself of healthy fats. A few years back when I tried low calorie diet to lose weight, my legs would cramp in the middle of night. I would be screaming, holding my legs

Most of the delicious vegetables form a part of your meal. Who doesn’t want to have sarso ka saag(spinach) with a pinch of ghee 😛

You can still eat cottage cheese ie paneer – the vegetarian’s delight but given the condition that its made from full fat milk.

Chicken, fish, bacon, pork – you can splurge on what you like!

There is no limit to eating eggs, the best food ever! You can have as many as 6 eggs a day. By the way, by eggs I mean whole eggs. You can eat the much nutritious yolk without of the fear of cholesterol when you are low carbing. Cool right ?

roasted eggs recipes

What makes low carbing the most interesting lifestyle is that you don’t worry thinking about how much fat you have eaten. You don’t over spend on buying low fat foods, usually low fat food items are much more expensive!

You can still enjoy eating grains like brown rice, oats, bran etc if you are good at controlling portions. So what ideally are you missing on low carb lifestyle. Practically nothing except high starch/carbohydrate foods like potato, sugar, mango, chickoo! These foods are not allowed on low calorie diets too 😉 . So if you are on your journey to losing weight, you can’t have these foods whether its low carb or low calorie diet. Instead you get to eat all yummy foods that I mentioned above! That’s is what makes low carb eating very interesting, n ofcourse spectators more jealous of you.. watching you eat cheese and still losing weight 😉

Bye for now! Happy Sunday 🙂

Love Tarun

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