Why Lunges Are Beneficial For Fitness?


Why lunges are beneficial for fitness?

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You need to be working hard as well as working smart to reach your goal. Here I am with a popular exercise- the lunges. I am sure that you would have heard it before if you are a regular in the fitness circuit.

Lunges are a simple, safe and effective exercise for the legs. There are several benefits of including it in your workout routine.

Why lunges are beneficial for fitness?


  1. Better Balance.

Lunges are exercises that train one side of the body independently from the other. Training one side of the body at a time helps improve balance and coordination of the body. This benefit is not even provided by squats as it is a bilateral exercise.

  1. It is more functional

Lunge is a compound leg exercise that is called the best lower body functional exercise. Functional exercises are those that improve your way of performing everyday movements.

  1. Better symmetry

The best benefit lunge exercise has to offer is that you can level your muscular and strength imbalances by bringing your stronger side at par with your weaker side. This can improve your ability to do other exercises like squats and deadlifts because your strength increases.

  1. Increased Flexibility

While doing the lunge you are made to stretch your hip muscles which are tight for a large majority of people because of today’s sedentary lifestyle. It is not the ultimate exercise for hip flexibility but it is good for beginners. If flexibility is your problem then you should include lunges in your workout plan.

  1. Improved activation of the glute

When you perform lunges it is possible to isolate and activate the gluteal muscles. These muscles are otherwise not utilized.

  1. Better Core Stability

Nearly all the exercises that involve weight lifting improve the stability of your core i.e. the ability to control the position of the spine and the pelvic region. When it comes to lunges even the weight lifting exercises seem insignificant (with regard to core stability). While doing lunges you have to work hard to keep your upper body upright. Try it out and know for yourself!

  1. Spinal deloading

The dumbbell variation of the lunge is known to deload the spine. On the other hand squats do the opposite. Spinal loading is not to be considered negative but spinal deloading is beneficial to give your spine some rest and time to recover. Lunges can thus be complementary to your heavy workouts by giving your spine a little rest.

How to do the basic lunge?

workout for working women lunges

Here are the steps to do a basic lunge:

  1. Start by standing with the feet spaced directly under the hips.
  2. Inhale a deep breath and step the right foot about 3 feet in front of your body.
  3. Bend your right knee and slowly drop it towards the floor.
  4. While exhaling, use the muscles of the legs and the rear to lift your body back up to the position from where you started, bringing the leg back under the body.
  5. Perform the same steps, but this time you need to step out with your left foot.

Take a short break after doing ten repetitions.

Happy lunging!! By the way there are a lot of variations in lunges. What I have mentioned here is just the basic version.

All set to include lunges in your workout routine?

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