Why Must You Use Your Own Yoga Mat For Exercise?


Why Must You Use Your Own Yoga Mat For Exercise?

I am a yoga enthusiast and I need my own niche to connect with myself. Have you ever wondered, that when we exercise we sweat a lot, we have a lot of toxins coming from the body, it falls over the mat, the floor, the carpet. So in that case, do you think you would exercise on the same place again, where someone else left there dead cells below 😛

Let me tell you some important facts before you move to your daily fitness schedule and how you should be using your own personal mat for yoga.

1. Why sweat on others’ sweat

use own matPicture this, can you be rolling up and down in someone else’s already left over dead cells. I suggest always taking your own personal mat for exercise. I never like using the mats left for public. Most of the times, they are never cleaned ever. So best is to avoid this mess and carry your own mat. I clean my mat after exercise with an organic cleanser.

2. Avoid skin diseases/acne

Many times, I have seen people exercising have some kind of rash or allergy reactions when they exercise, their bodies touch the mat and it leaves the bacteria over the mat. How would you like catching on acne from a Yoga mat! I would do anything to avoid it, I suggest using your personal mat for exercise.

3.  Give a boost to your energy

I have personally noticed this, that when I was using a public mat, I would constantly be bothered about sweat marks, feet smell etc on the mat I would be using, it used to hamper my performance. I think it goes without saying, what I am trying to say.

4. Hygiene

Why Must You Use Your Own Yoga Mat For Exercise?I see many people using shoes while using the mats, I really don’t understand how well it is cleaned after wards. It is not hygienic and while exercising, we really do not want to catch on anything otherwise.

Just the way you won’t wear someone else’s used gym shirt or shoes, similarly how can you share gym mat?

Exercise safe.

Love to all.

Are you going to use your own yoga mat for exercise?