Why Nail Biting Is Bad For You?


Why Nail Biting Is Bad For You?

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Developing bad habits is easy and most of us as kids have been into some habit or the other. Sucking the thumb, twirling hair constantly or biting nails are a few habits that begin in childhood but remain with us as we enter adulthood. Of all the bad habits, nail biting is very common in adults. It is usually triggered by stress, boredom or anxiety. Do you know apart from ugly nails this habit will affect you a lot health wise? Have a look for yourself.

Why nail biting is bad for you

Bacterial infections

Do you wash your hands often? Good, but that doesn’t mean that you can happily bite your nails. Washing hands often does not necessarily mean that the area under your nails is clean. Studies say that your fingernails are usually two times as dirty as your fingers and they have a lot of bacteria hiding underneath. So, it is practical that the bacteria get transferred to the mouth and can cause bacterial infections.

Nail infections

Biting nails can lead to lots of small tears and abrasions in the skin surrounding the nail. Through these several kinds of microbes can get under your skin. People who frequently bite nails can suffer from a painful skin infection that develops around the nails, it is called paronychia.

nail biter-why nail biting is bad for you

Dental problems

Do you know nail biting affects your nails as well as your teeth? It can make your teeth shift from the right position, wear out faster or become weak. That is really bad 🙁 It can also affect the alignment of the upper and lower teeth when you close your mouth.


Nail biters have the chances of suffering from another infection called Human papillomavirus –HPV. This happens only to chronic nail biters but effects are really bad. It results in warts around the fingernails and then on biting the nails, they spread to the mouth and lips too.

Occupied hands

This is a funny effect of biting nails. Those who bite their nails out stress are unable to complete a given task as both their hands are occupied in nail biting 😛 Just imagine someone unable to finish a task just because she is constantly chewing on her nails. May seem funny but it can be very crippling, it can reduce the person’s efficiency and slow him/her down.

Poor quality of life

A study was done recently and it was found that 20 to 30 percent of the population bite their nails. Those who chew on their nails have a lower quality of life when compared to those who don’t. You must be wondering how the quality of life can be affected. The person may suffer from the problems caused due to nail biting and due to the stress of resisting nail biting.

Are you convinced that it is high time you give up the habit? If you want to get rid of the habit, here are ways that will help you out:

finger gloves- why nail biting is bad for you

  • Cover your finger tips with adhesive bandage. This will stop you from biting your nails.
  • Try keeping your hands and your mouth busy with something else so that you don’t start chewing your nails. Hold a pen, coin anything that will keep you distracted. You can keep your hands busy by doing knitting too! Chew gum or have a toffee to keep your mouth busy.
  • This one is for the girls! Paint your nails or get a manicure done. After investing in a manicure, you won’t be ready to bite your nails.
  • Try wearing gloves if you are not able to control your urge to bite nails.

Just try your best to get rid of the habit!

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