Why Not Eating At Right Time Is Unhealthy?


Find Out Why Not Eating At Right Time Is Unhealthy?

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Consider this situation: You are in the middle of a serious project and don’t even know what o’clock it is! You simply postpone your dinner because you don’t want any interruption. Great! You are a workaholic but skipping meals is not right!

Some people even skip breakfast because they oversleep. If you feel that it is okay as long as you don’t binge later on, you are wrong my friend! Two latest published studies say that it is not what you eat but at what time you eat that has an impact on your health. When your meals are irregular you are at a risk for obesity, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. And the total number of calories does not matter here.

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Looking carefully at eating patterns all over the world, a possible link has been established between obesity and consumption of more calories in the evening. The study concluded that people who ate 6 meals a day consistently had better levels of cholesterol and insulin when compared to those who ate meals at variable frequencies like 3 to 9 meals a day.

Researchers have found that adults who consume calories during regular meals at the same time each day were less obese than people following an irregular meal plan, despite of consuming more number of calories overall.

Hmmm, while it may not seem to make sense that meal timings can affect your health to that extent, the studies are a part of one emerging field called chrononutrition in which researchers are exploring the connection between metabolism and body’s circadian rhythms. Seems to be pretty interesting!

A lot of metabolic processes in the body like digestion, appetite, fat metabolism, glucose and cholesterol follow patterns that repeat every 24 hrs. Inconsistent food timings can affect our internal body clock and lead to weight gain and a lot of other health problems.

Now the question is how significant is the impact of varying your meal times! This is such an important and valid question. However, researchers say that unfortunately it cannot be answered yet. It would be great to first fully understand the impact of meal time disruptions on our body’s circadian rhythms and how it increases the risk of obesity

So, now it seems like a good idea to eat at the same time each day. Try your best to do that and stay healthy.



Hope you now you understand why not eating at right time is unhealthy!

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