Why Overeating Is Called Prajnaparadha In Ayurveda?


 Why Overeating Is Called Prajnaparadha In Ayurveda?


Overeating Is Not Good

While one of my closest friends was performing her Yoga this morning, I couldn’t do my daily jog , why? Heartburn and the stomach felt as though I swallowed molten lava. My friend Sheena couldn’t understand why, but I knew the answer – I once again have been overeating.

Sheena follows a traditional yogic diet – which helps her with optimal health and this means, her belly is filled halfway with what she eats, ¼ water and the rest ¼ empty.

The laundry principle

Quite the same as we do our laundry, if we have to get the clothes cleaned, the garments have to have enough room to agitate and rotate. The same would be for our stomachs – place has to be left on top and the stomach shouldn’t be ‘overloaded’.

Diet moderation is important

But, simple as it sounds – tough it is to apply. So when was the last time you refused a second helping, even though you were hungry? If you manage to do that the digestive system thus would work with ease. Taking into account the spaciousness within, our stomachs would happily assimilate an amount and process waste as per the norms. An energizing meal makes us feel happy and light, ready and alert to go forth and carry out whatever we have to every day.

However, the mistake you and I make is that we fill our bellies, over and above than what it can manage. We eat and drink more than what can be digested in a timely fashion. Nourishment is thus lost and the remains turn toxic in the stomach – even if you are on a diet and overdo with the healthy food intake.

You maybe familiar with debilitating malaise and overeating, because I am, and it is with such moments that the innate power of the body would work on the double to use everything we feed it with. This is a process that demands working on the digestion – does it really work?

Why do we eat?

  • For energy
  • For strength
  • To survive and
  • Enjoy the taste (many more reasons)

However, overeating makes the body pay taxes – the body has to overwork and reestablish the ‘homeostasis’ within. If the body is stressed, the system would backup, which means, clogging of the normal channelling – diseases and ailments thus are born.

Lethargy is immediate, which I went through this morning. Acid refluxes and common digestive perils, even irritable bowel syndrome would be results of a burnt out digestive system. Now ask yourself this question – What would be greater discomfort? A little hunger post a meal or the IBS the next morning?

overeating skinny inside

We commit ‘Prajnaparadha’

The Ayurvedic term ‘Prajnaparadha’ means “crimes against wisdom.” Digestion is what the body depends on and is a fundamental aspect of a healthy body. The circle of life entails we are either digested or we digest. From trauma to food, emotions to ideas, experiences across many spheres, we digest them all.

The universal principle of Agni – transformative fire helps burn toxins – which is not you and not supposed to be in you.

I sometimes feel my personal life’s workload can be too overwhelming, which makes me overeat – it makes me feel crushed and I end up in food-coma or constipation. This is not the sustainable development I would want to have for my body. I need to allow space within, for the body I love needs a breather too.

Baby steps are what I would want to start with once again. I pray that you understand the harmful effects of overeating, and lead your life towards wellness and happiness. We have to be gentle with our bodies, and playful too – overeating sshouldn’tbe the name of the game here.

Are you involved in overeating which is a ‘Prajnaparadha’?

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