Why Packaged Fruit Juices Are As Bad As Cold Drinks


Why Packaged Fruit Juices Are As Bad As Cold Drinks

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I read a comparison of fruit juice and cola in an article. Some of the claims in the post were true, some not so true. This post is an attempt is to rebust a few myths and insist on eating fruits rather than drinking juices. Why fruits are better than fruit juices, read here.

One of my friend who is fond of Real fruit juices said “It is betetr to have this rather than having coke”. I tried to explain that the juice that he is drinking has lots of added sugar but he insisted that atleast it contains fruit ! Oooh yeah right, I knew then and there that I have to go back and research !

Why Packaged Fruit Juices Are As Bad As Cold Drinks

Why Packaged Fruit Juices Are As Bad As Cold Drinks ?

Let me put some data here for you to judge –

High intake of fruit juices can lead to an increased risk of diabetes. Most packaged fruit juices have an energy density and sugar content similar to other sugary drinks and called for a more comprehensive labelling of fruit juice cartons. 250ml of a packaged fruit drink(apple juice) contains 110kcal and 26g of sugar, a serving of cola contains 105kcal and 26.5g of sugar. – research by University of Glasgow’s Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences.

I measured approximately 26g sugar. It comes to be 6 tablesoons !

62 million people in India were diabetic, and 77 million were pre-diabetic. – A study by the Indian Council of Medical Research.

Did you know that packaged fruit juice contains concentrated sugar, meaning simple carbs that shoots up blood sugar level ? Read about simple carbs here. Diabetics must NOT drink fruit juices at all.

Let me compare Indian juice , very popular Real Juice n coke for you . Check out the piccys below –

fruit juice sugary

fruit juice sugary weight gain

Winters are bidding good-bye and summers are almost here. Suddenly you will see Rasna and Juice advertisements on TV now and then ! Thirst will make you do all the vices but beware ! In 1 glass of juice, you will consume 6TSP sugar without any realization. So much sugar intake can lead to acute glucose toxicity and later on go to liver , kidneys and eye damage .

You might argue that perhaps pulpy juices are better , I say NO. Grab of a person from Food and beverage industry and he will tell you that the fruits that we reject , the most spoilt ones are bought by companies to produce packaged juices. Need I say more ?

Some of the replacements of juices and cold drinks can be – coconut water, buttermilk, lassi, home made almond sharbat. Have watery fruits like watermelon n melon ! Be smart and make smart food choices !