Why Paneer Parantha Is Better Than Cheese Pizza?


Why Paneer Parantha Is Better Than Cheese Pizza?

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How many of you are fans of cheese pizzas? Yeah, cheesy pizzas have a lot of lovers, especially kids! Now can you compare it with our desi paneer parantha? There are lovers of paneer parantha too! But on any day I would love to have freshly made paneer parantha from my mom’s kitchen than go in for a cheese oozing pizza. Why? Read on to find out.

Why Paneer Parantha Is Better Than Cheese Pizza 1

Yes, practically speaking both paneer parantha and cheese pizza appear the same, like both are breads, one is stuffed with cottage cheese and the other is topped with mozzarella cheese. But that is the general picture. Delve in deeper and you will be surprised to find that both the foods have a yawning difference.

Why Paneer Parantha Is Better Than Cheese Pizza 2

Whole wheat flour vs refined wheat flour

Paneer parantha is made out of whole wheat and your cheese pizza base is that of refined flour (maida). Whole wheat is healthier than refined wheat flour on any day. Whole wheat flour has fibre intact and while making the parantha you don’t add anything to the dough. The dough is made out of just whole wheat flour and plain water! On the other hand, the pizza base of your cheese pizza is a thick bread that has preservatives and additives added to it to increase its shelf life. Shelf life??? Don’t they give you freshly baked pizzas? Confused? Well, the answer is no! They bake the pizza bases in batches and use them up as and when they get orders. I am not naming anyone 😛 So, what would be healthier for you? A parantha made out of just whole wheat or a pizza base with several chemicals added to it.

Cottage cheese vs Mozzarella

Paneer nutrition facts

Now, you paneer parantha is stuffed with …no prize for guessing…paneer!!! 😛 Paneer is cottage cheese that is a really healthy type of cheese. You can either get the readymade one or make a fresh batch of paneer at home! The cheese used on your cheese pizza is mozzarella cheese that is beyond doubt high in sodium. Sodium can cause a lot of health issues when taken in excess. Doctors too advise that you should limit the intake of sodium in your diet. Probably that is why you can see salt brands coming up with low sodium salt. So, what would you prefer, the humble cottage cheese or the sodium containing mozzarella cheese?

Pizza sauce

Now there is something that paneer parantha does not have but the cheese pizza has! What is that? Well, it is the pizza sauce that makes the pizza taste totally out of this world! Have you ever wondered what the ingredients of the sauce are? Well, it is a processed sauce and do I need to mention that processed stuff is bad for you?? On the other hand, your paneer stuffed parantha has condiments and healthy herbs and spices like coriander leaves, cumin and red chilli powder. If you like onions you can chop them into tiny bits and add that too!

What seemed to be similar kind of foods are as different as cheese and chalk! So, the next time you feel like ordering cheese pizza just settle down for a healthy and fresh paneer parantha.

What would you choose- paneer parantha or cheese pizza?

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