Why Pistachios Are A Great Weight Loss Food?


Why Pistachios Are A Great Weight Loss Food?

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Do you love eating pistachios? Well, there must be hardly anyone who would hate them! They are yummy, nutty and healthy. There is one more reason to love them now! They are a great weight loss food! Yes, those of you who want to lose weight should try this particular nut. Try to eat the ones that are unsalted and that have their shells on. Now you may ask why should the shells be on? I can’t tell you everything right now. To know the entire story read on!

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Don’t believe me? Well, the fact is scientifically backed. According to a study, pistachios have emerged as an ideal snack for anyone who wants to lose weight. The research revealed that the body does not absorb all the fats of the nut. This makes them lower in calories when compared to what was thought previously. The study has shunned the notion that nuts are high in calories and fat. This proves that pistachios are great weight loss aids.

How to lose weight

Researchers conducted the study on 52 overweight and obese individuals. The subjects were placed on diets that were 500 calories less than their usual diets. Half of the individuals were assigned to eat pretzels as a snack and the other group was asked to snack on pistachios. After a period of 12 weeks, the pistachio group were more successful in reaching their dream weight. So, this shows that pistachios are an ideal weight loss food.

Generally speaking, nuts are highly nourishing unlike other snacks such as chips and pretzels. Pistachios have a lot of key nutrients that are not present in diets of many people. Pistachios are rich in healthy fats, minerals, protein and antioxidants. A behavioural eating expert says that the shells can help in curbing mindless eating. People who are served pistachios with the shells on felt full sooner than those who were given the nuts with the shells removed. This is because the act of shelling the nut leads to mindful snacking. In a study it was found that those who had to remove the shell of the nuts ate 42% less calories!

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In another study it was found that when the leftover shells were in front of those who ate the pistachios, they ate 22% lesser calories. This is in line with the existing research which shows that when a person has visual cues of leftovers, such as shells of pistachios they can estimate how much they have eaten and so they will control portions.

Another nut related research shows that people who consume nuts usually have a lower body mass index than those who don’t. It is believed that people who include nuts in their diet may eat a healthier diet on the whole. Including pistachios in the diet is like a way of moving towards a healthy pattern of diet. However, portion control does need to be applied here to a certain degree. The results of the study stating that pistachios are healthy should be used positively.

Pistachios, like other nuts are easy to carry around. Whenever you feel hungry in the office you can munch on a few nuts. Remember to buy the ones that have their shells on so that you consume less!!

So, grab a few pistachios fast!

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