Why Protein Is Required For Faster Weight Loss


Why Protein Is Required For Faster Weight Loss

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I know that all you readers are in the perpetual search for a weight loss shortcut. Let me tell you that there is no shortcut to success. That is the cold and bitter truth. Everyone who has lost weight has included perseverance, discipline and hard work in their lives. Don’t worry you can tweak in certain changes to accelerate your steps to fulfill your weight loss dream! I am here to tell you about the importance of protein in faster weight loss.

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Protein is one such macronutrient that helps your body lose excess fat faster. If you are planning for weight loss, you need to include protein in your meal plan. The problem is that people are not getting sufficient protein in their diet.

Why protein is required for faster weight loss?

Now, the answer to the question above would be the following reasons:

  1. Increased metabolic rate

Improvement in the body’s metabolic rate is the first reason why you should include adequate amount of protein in your diet. Protein consumption increases the metabolism by 25-30%. This is because the body needs to burn off energy during the process of digesting protein. This does not happen when you consume carbs or fats. Isn’t it great that by just consuming protein you burn off calories! So, try your level best to increase your protein intake.

  1. Improved muscle retention

Proteins help perk up muscle retention. This is because protein provides amino acids that are significant building blocks for muscle tissue. It is extremely essential to consume sufficient protein if you want to maintain the existing muscle your body has. If you are on a fat loss diet and your body is not getting adequate amount of protein then it would be difficult to maintain lean muscle mass. This is because the body’s protein will be used up for energy, leaving little for your muscles. With more muscle mass, your metabolism will be faster.

  1. Lower hunger levels

If your cravings are preventing you from losing weight then protein can come to your rescue. Protein helps in decreasing hunger levels and food cravings. You won’t get hunger pangs frequently and your blood sugar levels will remain steady.

Protein rich food

protein-rich-foods for weight loss

Try including the following in your diet, there are plenty of options for vegetarians too.

  • Chicken and turkey
  • Fish like Salmon and Tuna
  • Cheese
  • Eggs
  • Tofu
  • Soy Beans
  • Milk and yoghurt
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Chick peas
  • Kidney beans
  • Peanut butter

 Healthy Protein packed Chickpeas Salad

protein salad for weight loss

  • Boil chick peas and keep them aside to let them cool.
  • Chop carrots and cucumber as per your requirement.
  • Mix all the ingredients and add some almonds
  • Add a dash of lime juice to it, a bit of salt or chaat masala would also do the magic.
  • You may also add slices of boiled egg on top.

You will find protein rich ingredients in this salad like chickpeas, almonds and eggs.

Hope you found his article useful!

Now you know why protein is required for faster weight loss?

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