Why Should You Bake Instead Of Deep Frying?


Why Should You Bake Instead Of Deep Frying?

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Healthy eating is not just limited to addition of fruits and veggies to your diet; it depends on the cooking method too. If you want to lose weight or are suffering from high blood pressure or diabetes you should remove deep-fried dishes from your diet. Instead of frying things, try switching to baking as it will make the dishes healthier. Breads and desserts alone are not the ones that you can bake. You can also bake veggies, poultry, seafood and lean meat.

Why frying is bad for health?

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First of all, let us have a look at the health risks that deep frying poses:

Deep frying food can lead to cancer and heart disease

Most mouth watering snacks like samosas and French fries have no nutrition to offer and they pose a health risk. This is because of the way they are prepared. Deep frying food in oil at high temperatures causes the starch in the food to get converted into carcinogens (substances that cause cancer). When one is exposed to high levels of carcinogens, it can lead to cancer and heart diseases. Baking food is considered safe because it requires very little or no oil. So, no reaction occurs in the food and hence the food is considered to be healthier.

Increases the risk of obesity, stroke and diabetes

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Most deep fried food either the ones found in restaurants or the processed ones are made with partially hydrogenated oils so that the shelf life of the food increases. Consumption of such oil can result in obesity, stroke and diabetes.

Can result in heart, kidney and lung damage

The Impact of Excess Weight On Vital Body Organs kidney

Oils get oxidized when they are heated (deep fried) at high temperatures with starchy foods. This oxidation of oils is the cause of several health problems that include heart, lung and kidney damage. The risk of high blood pressure also increases when one consumes oxidized oils. This oxidation does not happen during baking.

Calories get increased

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While frying, the food is totally immersed in oil that too at a high temperature. Oil is fat and is naturally high in calories. Adding oil to food will obviously increase the calorie count of the food. The scene is not the same with baking, it does not add calories to the food. Hence, is always preferred over frying. Here is a comparison before you:

Fried samosa: 245.9 calories

Baked samosa: 53.1 calories

Now you know how many calories you will save by consuming baked food instead of fried!! Nowadays the concept of air frying is catching up fast. In that you just need to coat the food with oil and it tastes as yummy as deep fried food. Tasty food without the ill-effects of deep frying, sounds great, right! Read Anamika’s air fryer crispy cauliflower recipe here- click!

Well, here are a few cooking tips for you:

  • Choosing the right oil can make a huge difference. If you go in for healthier oils like olive oil, ghee or coconut oil, you will be boosting your intake of vitamin E and healthy fats.
  • While baking food, don’t forget to add a bit of water to the pan’s bottom to avoid smoke from being produced at high temperatures.
  • In order to preserve the food’s nutritional value, bake them at lower temperatures even if it increases the cooking time.

Go ahead and start baking all the dishes that you used to fry! You will love the change!

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