Why should you not buy Weighing Scale from Pepperfry ?


Hey ,

I am an online shopping addict 😛 , are you ? When I decided that I need a constant motivation to lose weight and I need to feel guilty when I cheat :P, I knew I needed a good weighing scale. I looked at a lot of weighing scale and finally decided to go for Equinox. Equinox is known for its technology in weighing scales.


I looked at various websites and zeroed down to Pepperfry. Reason – lowest price ! Pepperfry seems seem to call themselves India’s largest Home and Living Destination. They give a discount of 15% on the first purchase. This scale did cost me Rs 300 less than the price on other websites.

I received the weighing scale in 4-5 days and I was quite satisfied. When I was opening the parcel, I noticed that the packaging is not at all good. Only 1 cardboard box and very thin bubble packaging !

why should you not buy glass weighing scale from Pepperfry

I just prayed that the weighing scale is safe. Unfortunately, it got damaged in the transit.

why should you not buy weighing scale from Pepperfry

I immediately called up their support team. Indeed they were friendly and asked me to send them the pictures of the damaged product. I obliged and they replied saying that I need to courier them the product and I will be refunded Rs 150 for it.

I thought in my mind “Are you kidding , which courier company will charge only Rs 150 for a weighing scale ?”. I called them again and asked for a pickup. They happily told me that they do not have exchange policy and return policy. Once i send the product back, I will be refunded the amount including Rs 150 and then need to place a fresh order. Ask them , who will order for the second time after such a horrible experience !

I went to the courier and found that 150 bucks is not enough. I called Pepperfry again. They said they will reimburse the courier charges till Rs 300 and if the bill exceeds Rs 300, i need to check with them once again. I went to courier company again and the charges came to Rs 400.
Finally, I gave up and kept the weighing scale with me .

Pepperfry, tell me one thing ! Why people on earth will order online if  they have all the time to shop ? If they had that time , they would go and buy offline. Why do they need you ? By the way, Pepperfry sells furniture and lifestyle products online, beds too ! How can you call yourself home and living destination when you don’t know how to do packaging ? I can go on and on…

This post is just to warn everyone not to buy fragile items from Pepperfry !



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  1. How unprofessional! It’s simple..u do the crime, u do the time…if u send a poorly packaged item n it breaks then u damn well shud do something proactive about it..

    • Yeah Zee , unfortunately Pepperfry was disgusting in this regard ! How can a website selling lifestyle products which are generally fragile not have return n exchange policy ? n then you have poor packaging and with refunds also, you keep a limit on courier charges ! It was a horrid experience !

  2. I once bought some cosmetics from them… I feel they were quite old. A lotus lip gloss started smelling really wierd withing a few months of usage!


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