Why should you run with a group?


Why should you run with a group


Hii all!! How is everybody doing??

Well last month I have successfully completed my 6th half marathon, and 2nd half-marathon of the year, I plan to run 4 this year. J *fingers crossed*

Well let me share my experience of running in 3 phases.

1st when I used to run by myself

When I started running, I was heavily obese and couldn’t even to run more than 10 secs. But eventually with regular practice I kept improving and was able to survive to run at a stretch for 10-15mins.

It was a good start, as I would be embarrassed to run that time with a group or friends, as the fear of always being behind was to shameful for me. But somehow it was building block for me to start running.

But somehow since I was on my own, there was no proper discipline, with regards to on which day/distance to run, and I would run as per my convenience.

Eventually when I started to improve I naturally became a part of my work friends running group. As I was not shy, rather pretty confident about the way I used to run. And thanks to them I really improved a lot on my runs, as we would religiously run every Sundays. And everybody wanted to give their best so people would practice the complete week on their own and try their best on Sundays, it would be really competitive, and many a times to do my best I would land up being burned out, and later have knee pains. But for many this schedule was just 2 months prior the marathon, and post marathon for next 9-10 months, they wouldn’t work at all. Thus affecting my runs too, as I would also not run if they would not run.  Being a running addict I was looking for something more permanent group and less competitive too.

running with group MIG

2nd running in a group

Eventually I found a permanent group it’s called Top-Gear MIG, it’s a closed running group and only if you know somebody within the group you can join, lucky for me I had a school friend in the group, and the place was just 1.5kms away from my place.

I got to know that the group has highly experienced and qualified 2 coaches, 1 coach is a Dr. Ajay and another is a female coach Ms. Suchita who has expertise in yoga and fitness. Also I was surprised to hear that they have trained for over a decade and have trained more than 100 Half Marathoners and 25 Full Marathoners to cross the finish line at various events

Also under their experienced training 11 athletes have crossed the finish line in the 89 KM ultra-marathon COMRADES MARARTHON. No other marathon training group in India can boast of such an achievement.

They have planned a very balanced running routine for us depending on the categories we belong, we run accordingly, Our weekly schedule is as follows:-

 The weekly schedule of running in a group

Sunday                            Long runs (Varying anything between 10-16kms)

Monday                           Complete rest

Tuesday                           Lower body work out and High intensity training (95-100% of MHR)

Wednesday                    Easy run or walk (varying between 7-10kms)  65-75% of MHR(Maximum heart Rate)

Thursday                         Upper body workout and surya namaskars

Friday                               Hill training ( 4-6kms)

Saturday                          Cross training (swimming or cycling)

This is a picture of us training on the ground.

running group trainingI have benefitted a lot after running with this group, I run much better now, as now my approach is holistic, also lot of emphasis is placed on warm ups and stretches which I earlier used to ignore. Earlier I always used to have knee pains post running, which now I do not get as I have improved on my running form and breathing.

  • I run much better now

  • My approach is holistic

  • A lot of emphasis is placed on warm ups and stretches which I earlier used to ignore.

  • Earlier I always used to have knee pains post running, which now I do not get as I have improved on my running form and breathing.

So as far as possible try running in a group and any if possible a professional running group. J

Happy running.

 Have you joined any running group?

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